God of War III - Scans from Game Informer Magazine

These scans were posted at the GameTrailers forums.

Click below to view images.

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miasma5160d ago (Edited 5160d ago )

i like what I am seeing here...
Quote: "we want this to be the game that shows people what the PS3 can do", I say, we already know, let just get to doin' it!!! AhhAhhaha!

GamerPS3605160d ago

that's some bold statement.

acedoh5160d ago

Killzone 2 to show what the PS3 was capable of...
then came the Heavy Rain trailer which wowed many... people were still skeptical.
After that came Uncharted 2 that really wowed people asking if it could get any better...

Now comes God of War III to up the ante even more. What will be next? I am sure these developers will have even more tricks up their sleeves...

GVON5160d ago

the screen with that big bastard looks good

YonasJonas5160d ago (Edited 5160d ago )

We haven't seen anything from this title that has upped the ante in any way shape or form. So far they've shown nothing better looking than what we've seen from Uncharted 2, and certainly not even close to Killzone 2. We'll just have to wait, and see if what Jaffe said was true. There is still quite some time till it's gone gold so be patient before making those bold claims.

PataponKnight5160d ago

"Kratos' most brutal and exciting new maneuver is the ability to control certain monsters." Score.

"Unlike games like Zelda and Metroid, God of War III lets players retain many abilties acquired in the previous installments." Double Score!

YonasJonas5160d ago (Edited 5160d ago )

Maybe one of you could send me some of that Dave Jaffe happy juice you've been sippin' on so I can see what you see. From what we the public have seen so far it looks like current gen title. Nothing more, nothing less.

Jinxstar5160d ago

jonas... I'll go look for the "Jaffe" Juice but do me a favor and throw out the "Blind gamer" juice first.... it looks awesome. Especially for being over a year off.

MAR-TYR-DOM5160d ago


First we had Ratchet and Clank FToD to show amazing cinimatic graphics
Then we had uncharted to show amazing graphics
Then MGS4 which is grapically/technically the best game out right NOW!
Soon we will have KZ2 (we know what we are getting)
Then we will have Uncharted 2 and Ratchet and Clank 2 and Heavy Rain. WOOT WOOT!

solidt125160d ago

Did you see those bosses!! My anticipation is growing for this game.

Doppy5160d ago

Thank You. Waiting until friday sucks.

The game looks gorgeous already and if I remember correctly it is rumored they already have the foundation for the entire game complete, and their just taking the Killzone 2 route and polishing the game over and over and over again. There's no release date, but the earilest we should expect is late September - Early March (the latter more likely). And if it does come out in March 2010 that means they would have had an entire year to make this game flawless. I think God of War 3 is going to set the tone for 2010 like Killzone 2 did for 2009 (even though I hope it comes out this year).

Great screens just wish they were bigger.

StayHigh5160d ago

360 fanbooys need to calm down..the game will look freaken amazing when it comes out..I cant wait for this gaame lets see how far they can push the PS3 hardware..

Saigon5160d ago (Edited 5160d ago )

are you sure this was just a preview...that was a lot of information...

I hope this game does not cast a shaddow on the other exclusive hits that are coming out in the future...

so far so good...

locos855160d ago

I really don't see anything that wows me. I still can't wait to play this game though. Maybe the big advancement isn't in the visuals but the overall gameplay, battles, and Epicness.

ThanatosDMC5160d ago

Boo "Bandwidth Exceeded!" I cant see the pictures...

No Way5160d ago

Click the link above the "Bandwidth Exceeded" and you can see the images.


Damnnn 50+ enemies on screen, gonna get some crazy combos going

xabmol5159d ago

Ya, a current gen "PS3" title.

Danja5159d ago

OMG did u see how huge that Titan was in the 1st that Cronos ? did he escape from hell and is now back to seek revenge on Olympus ? wow the Titans Vs the Gods Round 2...SICK..!!

some of the graphics look great but the scans are bad quality but I have no doubt SM studios will make all our jaws drop when this game hits...

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Sony Rep5160d ago

That one picture with the Kratos close up already looks better than Uncharted. Look at all the details in his stomach and face. Also, the pics with the combat stuff have amazing environments. Is that Cronos in that one pic?

cayal5160d ago

The scans are horrible quality. I can't wait to see a video of in game just to see what's going on.

Sony Rep5160d ago (Edited 5160d ago )

What's up with the people disagreeing with me? I think ya might be confusing art direction with graphics because I don't know how someone can say these don't look good. Those comparing the games' graphics with GOW 1 and 2.... art direction /= graphics.

get2sammyb5160d ago

He was talking about the quality of the scans not the actual screenshots.

Fishy Fingers5160d ago

Bah... I'll destroy my eyes trying to read those :(

Images look great though.

Helghast Slayer5160d ago

OMG OMG OMG *shakes hands like a little girl*

I can't wait to rip guts and take names.

mesh15160d ago

i HAVE the mag and god of war 3 graphics are very very disspointing assasin creed has better graphics

trancefreak5159d ago

Mesh you need god in your life for the bitterness. Kratos is that god and GoW 3 will rock the ps3. Cant wait for this hit title.