Thunderbolt Games Hands on Preview of Prototype

Sean Kelley, Thunderbolt Games: "Alex Mercer has no memory, and it has become apparent through some time with the Prototype demo, the only way he might be able to regain it is to kill anything that violates his personal space. Notably, Alex isn't a normal man and he packs a large arsenal of abilities to not only dispatch enemies, but eliminate them in a number of extremely brutal fashions."

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CBaoth3535d ago

Looks like this summer, we'll have 2 good sandbox anti-hero games to play. I usually avoid hyping praise for over-the-top brutality (as a sales pitch to kids), but this and Raven's Wolverine are definitely upping the ante on the visceral thrill of dismemberment. Any word when Radical is planning to release the demo to the masses over XBL/PSN?