ASA bans Xbox 360 and Spreadex ads

Brandrepublic writes:

The Advertising Standards Authority has banned Microsoft's Xbox 360 TV ad "live your moment" ad for being misleading.

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PirateThom3563d ago

Funny enough, that's now the second time that ad has been called up for being misleading.

The first time was how they showed all of this movie downloads business and then advertised the Arcade 360 which is unable to use the movie service without add ons. They had to add "Download compatible 360 from blah blah blah"

Nineball21123563d ago

This was an intentional omission on MS's part.


mintaro3563d ago

You might say the ad got ringed!?


specialguest3563d ago

That kind of trickery reminds me of the "Vista Capable" problem. haha

whoelse3563d ago

I can't believe it too them this long. I mean how long have those ads been out for.

MNicholas3563d ago

Microsoft has been misleading consumers by roping them in with the $199 price tag without being explicit about stating that nearly every advertised function requires expensive add-ons and services.

The Wii and the PS3, on the other hand, have no such problem. Each of those machines can perform exactly as advertised and have absolutely zero hidden costs.

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Lou-Cipher3563d ago

Misleading people is what Microsoft does better than anyone.

FarEastOrient3563d ago

I'm a PC but I'm not a Vista... XP anyone

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The story is too old to be commented.