Epic boss: There is no 10-year plan for Gears of War

Epic VP Mark Rein has told VG247 that there is no "ten-year plan" in place for the Gears of War franchise, despite comments to the contrary made by Gears 2 writer Josh Ortega at Comic Con last weekend.

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xbotpleasefixme3537d ago

how long has unreal and UT been going? pretty sure over 10+ years. I doubt they are going to just let gears go away without milking it for everything it's worth toys clothes movies ect...

y0haN3537d ago

They are already milking it in those ways..

Deadman643537d ago

I don't know why you fanboys complain about milking. If something is that good, continue to make it. Halo as we know it was a trilogy. And they made a RTS out of an amazing story. So what? It's good so it deserves it. How many mgs's have there been? How many tekkens? It's time to get over yourselves ppl.

Kick The Ass3537d ago

And why shouldn't they?
Everybody is milking, even that divine company called Sony of yours!

As long as the games are good, you have no right to complain.
All that merchandise ain't obligatory y'know, you could just, well, I don't know, not care?

whothedog3537d ago (Edited 3537d ago )

well sony has a 10 year plan right?

Maybe he was mocking them about that or secretly saying its going to come to the ps3 eventually which would be nice!

militant073537d ago

i thought it was Queers of war and gear 1.5??

everything changed because a possible gears 3 for ps3??

i dont think it will happen seem microsoft will continue to publish the game

whothedog3537d ago

I thought it was a 3rd party title and I was under the impression that MS didn't have rights to the franchise like Halo but I'm not sure just assumed.

Why you diss'in gears mannnn but gears 1.5 is kind of funny haha

thats_just_prime3537d ago

I dont know who has the right to the games but I know that at one point MS and Epic were fighting over the rights to it. MS saying they owned the rights and Epic of course saying that they owned the rights to thier game. They seemed to have come to some kind of agreement over it as they are working together again .

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edhe3537d ago

Rein talks mince. Of course there's no '10 year plan' because the plan is 'as long as it sells'.

kewlkat0073537d ago's like movies and sequels...

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