Killzone 2 review 'scandal': Edge vs The World

If you haven't noticed, Killzone 2's been scooping universally huge review scores, with a Metacritic average of 92. The first ten or so reviews came in at a in-no-way reactionary 100%, before a few websites dare to break ranks and give it, er, 96.

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Rikitatsu3535d ago

few sites also gave it 8s. So just because EDGE reduced one point, the whole world gone nuts!
Seriously, its the reviewer's opinion


BMS843535d ago

So if the reviewer gives a low score for a AAA game , is that ok?
I don't think so, so if you are a reviewer, and you don't like the PS3 , you just give the PS3 games bad scores, that isn't objective.
And that is what EDGE is doing right now.

Rikitatsu3535d ago

Who decides if its an AAA game or not? People have different opinions!!
For example. Some people consider Zelda:OoT the best game ever. I however, Think its just a decent title!

Same thing for other people not liking my favorite games.


Capt CHAOS3535d ago

Stop believing the hype, I've been sitting on the sideline and I love FPSs, the reason I flogged my PS2 and moved to the xbox all those years ago was on the back of Halo, Now the hype was saying that KZ2 was one of those games (and there was alot of that), reviews are just saying that it's a good game.

Peel off the fancy graphics and you're left with a COD or similar FPS. (I didn't say a piece of COD).

Remember: They have to be fair with their reviews or people will not buy their mag.

Ichiryoka3535d ago

I am so tired of people saying, "Peel off the graphics you have this or you have that."

Funny thing I found out whilel researching this game, you won't believe this man... but YOU CANT PEEL OFF THE GRAPHICS. They are part of what sucks you into the world, they are not coming off. People are always talking about gameplay > graphics, well guess what people just because you say peel this away, does not mean they are coming off.

lol its like you are telling people to be blind to the fact that it looks amazing. Peel off Gears graphics what do you get....KILLSWITCH.

Capt CHAOS3535d ago

That's why I didn't buy Gears 2, I enjoyed Gears 1 but there are only a handful of games that deserve to be kept and played over and over, for me it happens to be Halo 1, Halo 3 and The Orange box.

But I do see your point and I do believe that graphics are just as important, but it seems like people are saying that KZ2 should be the best game ever just because of the graphics.

bassturd3534d ago

biased opinion you mean

StayHigh3534d ago

Fanboys opinion does not matter..Edge give all 360 games 9 and 10..While the PS3 exclusive games only scored 6 and 7..The site is run by 360 fanboys..They have no say in any PS3 games..

Gun_Senshi3534d ago (Edited 3534d ago )

You love FPS but play Halo?


Bet you never even played Counter Strike of Half-Life ONE.

Or even Wolfenstien 3D or Doom1/2/Quake 3 Arena.

Also CaptChaos. you have a history of trolling.

I wonder how many accoutns you have to have so many bubbles. Let me help you.

pwnsause3534d ago

reviews are always based on opinion, no problem with that, but they must be consistent. for example that 7 out of 10 review is not consistent with the other reviews which has given it 8s and 9s. and we all know this is not a 7 out of 10 game.

Ryo-Hazuki3534d ago

just like kotaku said, Edge wants innovation...ummm okay....let me see the scores of halo 2, halo 3, gears2, gta4, dmc4, fable 2...basically any sequel. Edge are a bunch of fanboys, and thats sad

Kleptic3534d ago

people need to stop justifying it by saying 'a 7 isn't a bad score from edge'...some of us don't care about the actual score it received...that is irrelevant...its when they try to tell people that FEAR 2 is a better game (actually, on par with MGS4 according to them haha) than killzone 2...which EVERY OTHER MEDIA member has said the exact opposite...

comes off as other way to look at it...if the mag gave games like Halo 3 a 7, this wouldn't be a discussion...but when they declare Halo 3 as perfect, and killzone 2 under the very average Fear 2...its obvious something is up....and why its obvious?...the rest of the media does not agree with them...

joydestroy3534d ago


ahaha i thought that was funny :)
yeah, you can't peel off the graphics. i also find it strange that previous games with poor graphics but decent gameplay were bashed because the graphics were deemed "last gen". i think people are nitpicking which is expected for such an anticipated title like this one.

Capt CHAOS3534d ago

Dude, I have a stem account for Counterstrike and CS: Source, which I still play every so often.

As for half life 1, why? It's great but going back a bit isn't it?

I've already played that one to death.

nycredude3534d ago (Edited 3534d ago )

Damn you just got owned hard by ichiryoka man.

On topic though for those who keep saying a review is just an opinion just stop it with that BS.

These sites are a business and they get paid to do what they do! The sites make a lot of money doing these review and although it should'nt be this way, alot of people buy games based on their honest assessment of these games. Therefore these reviews shouldn't be just opinions, they should be a completely objective assessment of what the game looks and plays like and should help the gamers understand what to expect when/if they decide to purchase the game.

We as gamers should expect no less from a gaming site that makes money from this business. You want an opinion then go to some of the many "blogsites" that are available.

That being said Edge's review (if you read it) actually didn't have much of anything bad to say about the game and actually sounded like the game should be at least an 8.5-9 but in the end they lowballed it with a surprising 7. Anyone who actually read the review before seeing the score would be forgiven if they thought Edge would give it a 9. They score games harshly if you ask me.

3534d ago
Insomnia_843534d ago

Anyone who trust a score from Edge is plain stupid, seriously.
Fear2 better than KZ2?? O M F G! who the [email protected] plays the games at EDGE? Bill Gates?? GTFO!!

littletad3534d ago

Maybe it's cause I was an English major, but to make an impact you have to be very critical or liberal in the sense of providing something "fresh". People don't like praise so much, or stories with happy endings. In other words, there is always someone trying to make a name for themselves or trying to "stand out". The same with Edge. Put it simply, you can call it a superiority complex, an ever growing ego which feels threaten in this day and age in internet journalism.

Their review should be held in contempt, for misguiding the consumer reader at their expense.

oohWii3534d ago (Edited 3534d ago )

You PS3 Fanboys are always playing yourselves as the victim, if anything doesn't go your way, it's not because it just wasn't good enough; it's because "Microsoft paid them" or "They hate the PS3" or "He's just bias". The funny thing is, you are quick to say the same guy is a genius if he give a bad review to a 360 or wii game.

This is why you guys suck, because there is no reasoning with you. You gang up on people in shear numbers, make insulting remarks about people and try to get your way through instilling intimidation and fear into people. You're like a bunch of 13 year old video game terrorist(sarcasm)

Seriously though, all I hear out of the PS3 camp (speaking only of the rabid fanboy) is whining, b!tching, and name calling. Get a life, I've seen the KZ2 demo, and yes it does look good, but other than that, it just your typical 1P shooter nothing else is special (please feel free to tell me what else is special in your rebuttal). Additionally, the opening scene on the demo doesn't look half as good as the CG footage that came out years ago claiming to be ingame footage.

I personally feel (From what I've seen) that KZ2 at best should range from 7-9 nothing above 9.0 should be given to this game. Do I expect you guys to agree with me? HELL NO, you're so caught in you own agenda that if "Guerrilla" said this game was no better than a 9.0 you'd call them liars.

Edit: @ below

"Please find me any smear campaigns that aren't factual for the 360. Find me hate articles and FAKE reviews for its games. You cant, because it doesn't exist."

You just wrote one!

CaseyRyback_CPO3534d ago (Edited 3534d ago )

I have been gaming for a while. Microsoft invented the notion of removing features of a game, and deducing it to its basic perspective. Remove the Graphics from any of the following games:

Gears of War
Battlefield BC

And what do you have? A generic shooter that we have all played time and time again. There is no question that KZ2 isn't going to change the world of gaming, thats because IT DOESN'T HAVE TO. Thanks largely to the success of the Halo franchise, it is the "BAR" for younger console gamers. If Halo is the bar of FPS's then how the hell is KZ2 not shattering it? Because of no CO-OP? REALLY now? Because COD4 did PERFECTLY FINE WITHOUT CO-OP. All you have is an FPS which is single player, and offline. NO title has gone beyond this in FPS minus maybe Mirrors Edge / Prey, and we see how well all of those have done.

THe problem with the media and blind 360 fanboyship, is that you act as if there is nothing to it. If COD4 scored so well for having:

- Monster Closets
- NO Enemy Variety
- No Bots
- Short Single Player
- Fun Online

Then there is absolutely NO REASON that KZ2 shouldn't score the exact same. Especially when you have sites like IGN/1up/Gamepro/Eurogamer praising the game for said features. Its not a case of Kane & Lynch to where its a clear bad product, and no one is giving it good reviews. No. KZ2 is being called the best looking FPS on consoles. The gameplay just has to match up to what we all know from FPS's, and those of us that were lucky enough to play the beta know this as fact.

The only issue here is that PS3 community needs to not latch onto these review systems and media outlets that have a clear bias against Sony for some reason. Anyone see that Variety Article? Anyone See GamesRadars's press over KZ2? Theres just an inherent negativity out there, while it sucks because the gaming community wasn't like this, what else can you do? There is definitely a full on smear campaign against the PS3/Sony.

Please find me any smear campaigns that aren't factual for the 360. Find me hate articles and FAKE reviews for its games. You cant, because it doesn't exist. Stop pretending otherwise.

It boils down to this, PS3 owners know you have amazing games that aren't literally possible on the 360. Enjoy them, buy them, and wait for the 360's mystical lineup.

Nathaniel_Drake3534d ago

There two problems to Edge reviews and reviews in general:

1) Being consistent in your reviews is a must, otherwise why write them. I mean you write a good review article but give it a low score, if you can't put two and two together just throw out the number score and leave the article

2) These reviews are not just taken as opinion to consumers but helps them in buying these games, most of them don't even read the article and just look at the score. This effects developers, give them credit for their hard work if they deserve it with game sales so they can make more great games

So you see how much power there is to reviews given by sites, yeah its opinion but unlike average joe reviews, us, there holds a lot of responsibility, and you are getting paid for these things there should be more sense in the article to score consistency

Leave fanboyism to the professionals

KingME3534d ago (Edited 3534d ago )

Case in point.

You have been on N4G for 27 days, all you make is negative comments and yet you have 8 bubbles.

Need bubbles, make negative 360 comments and they shall be granted.

BTW - Edge gives KZ2 a 7 and it's a scandal?


Lifendz3534d ago

we all get that. Thanks for contributing. That doesn't mean we can't have our own opinion about the article and discuss it. If you don't want to read the discussion, then don't. Furthermore, when people pay money to read an opinion I think they have the right to talk about it. Now if you let an opinion from one mag dictate whether you'll buy a game or not, you're nuts. But I really hate when people come on here and try to /thread when people are discussing a review.

It's like the guy that hears two people talking about who's better, Lebron or Kobe, and says "It doesn't matter because they're both going to the Hall of Fame." Thanks a lot Captain Obvious but that doesn't mean one can't have a discussion over it.

BTW Kobe is better. No discussion there ;).

Homicide3534d ago

It's just their opinion, and they don't think it's as great as the others put it out to be. Jesus Christ, you guys are the biggest whiners on the internet.

SL1M DADDY3534d ago

Fanboys mocking fanboys. Funny stuff.

*pops popcorn and sits back*

prowiew3534d ago

I hope my son dont grow up like the ones in n4g. Please god

IdleLeeSiuLung3534d ago (Edited 3534d ago )

Because a majority of people gave a game a great review nobody is allowed to give the game a negative or neutral review.... Edge has always given odd ball reviews. If the game is good, buy it and support it, then move on.

Stop crying over stupid reviews, Sony Fanboys!

The funny thing about this is that the more noise you make about this is the more people will have heard about the bad edge review....

SL1M DADDY3534d ago

Meh, it just reminds me of the Too Human debacle. I remember the Xbox boys and girls getting their panties up in bunches when those reviews hit. It was just as sad as people taking offense to a review like this. Everybody knows that Edge is crap.

In the end, fanboys are fanboys. It's just that with 125 million PS2's and 20 million PS3's out on the market that the PS fanboys have a slightly louder voice due to there being more of them. Heck, I would suspect that due to hardware sales alone there would be about half as many Xbox fanboys than PS fanboys around the globe.

IdleLeeSiuLung3534d ago

I happened to come across this video by Adam Sessler and it is hilarious how people claim G4 is baised when they gave the game a 5 out of 5.

I particularly liked at 5:14:

"I wonder if Microsoft paid them [G4] to give Killzone 2 a 5." -Greeknerd

There truly is no bottom to stupidity.

GameGambits3534d ago

Everyone is entitled to an opinion, but as a videogame journalist you have to rate the game for its own merit. The consensus on Killzone 2 from reviews is that it's close to perfect. A 9 at the least to play it safe.

The graphics = best of this generation.
The use of sound= Very intelligent and immersive, especially on 7.1 surround. However, the voice acting isn't always up to snuff.
Campaign = Short, but very action packed. With replay value for 2-3 more play throughs.
Controls = Take a little to get used to for some, but fit perfectly once you get the hang of it.
Multiplayer = The best to this point for the most bang for your buck. Extensive, balanced, supports clans more than any other FPS yet, and obove all FUN.

Just based on that from what reviews say---how could someone else see enough to knock it down to a 7?! How could you give a game like Fear 2 which the general consensus at the moment is, it's good, but not worth investing a lot of time into, a better score?

Your personal opinion on a game shouldn't be used to review games for major sites. You need to rate it on what it does, who it's geared for as its main players, and if it will succeed in that audience.

For example I don't play Halo 3, but I did play it for a month. I GET why people like Halo 3, and I understand why the overall scores were high for it. It does what it sets out to do and pleases its audience.

Rating Killzone 2, or ANY game, after 50+ reviews around the internet giving it high praise, a low score does NOT mean you are boasting a valid argument. It flat out means you have some serious bias against the product in some form. Anyone who thinks otherwise is an idiot.

Bzone243534d ago

What sucks is Edge actually thinks they can have an opinion different than the majority. How dare them. Killzone 2 should have no score below a 99.9. Any reviews below this should be discarded, their sites/companies shut down and their friends and family killed in front of them. The only reviews we can take seriously are the ones praising KZ2 with perfect scores, because nobody should have a different opinion than mine.

Danja3534d ago

Yes you are right , but when you are being paid to inform the public about a product in general your opinions are held above others , and edge is no different , rate the game for what it is bot because you hate the platform it's on..

How can they give Fears 2 an 8/10 , but give KZ2 a 7/10 ?? it doesn't add up...

Edge has been very inconsistent with there reviews and they need to be called like

Gears 1 - 7/10 ??.....but Gears 2 9/10 ..?
Mass Effect 7/10..?
MGS4 - 8/10 ?
KZ2 7/10 ?

they are really trying to be the next Gamespot...

KingME3534d ago

"Rating Killzone 2, or ANY game, after 50+ reviews around the internet giving it high praise, a low score does NOT mean you are boasting a valid argument. It flat out means you have some serious bias against the product in some form."

Could it mean that they just didn't feel the way the others did. How about a little individuality? If the first fifty people in line buys a copy of madden 09, should I get a madden also instead of Resistance 2 which I had planned on getting initially so that I'm not to be considered biased against madden. Or can I actually evaluate the process myself and come to my own conclusion as to what I like or dislike. Do gamer reviewers all need to be cookie cutter reviewers to make you happy? Had everyone else call the game crap and Edge would have given it a 10, we you think edge were bias for killzone instead of against it? (I'm thinking that you wouldn't)

"Anyone who thinks otherwise is an idiot."

Let me get this right, anyone who doesn't see things the way you see them is an idiot? This comment along pretty much sums up the credibility of all the previous lines you typed in the above paragraphs.

Hopefully you don't represent the normal logic around here, however I'm afraid that you do.

IcarusOne3534d ago

1. COD had no co-op and no one complained. -- COD also had a compelling single player experience and a story that pulled you along to a blockbuster ending. I'm hearing KZ2's story is as one-note as it's color scheme.

2. EDGE is dumb and biased. -- I think this goes to what Kotaku said about the grading scale. Not many use the full 10 point scale. How often do you see anything less than a 5 out there? But there should be; there should be 3's and 2's and the whole gamut. On this scale, 7/10 is still a very fun game and an impressive achievement.

3. Sony fanboys take everything KZ2-related very personally. -- And I don't blame them. If I'd put all my chips on the PS3's side and been waiting this long for THE flagship see where this is going. Let them rant. Let them cling to their hopes and pray that they didn't make a bad investment.

All this has happened before. And all this will happen again.

bennyace3534d ago (Edited 3534d ago )

Everyone is entitled to their opinion as long as it's the same as everybody else! That makes sense. Oh no! I get it. It's part of the BIG conspiracy against PS3. Now the game is going to fail big time because it got a 7/10. C'mon are u serious?

LegendKillar3534d ago

seriously your gonna say if you take the graphics off those 360 games there mediocre, well you could say the same thing about kz2, it doesnt do anything better than those games. and the reason all these games are considered great is not because of there graphics its gameplay, you may be a graphics whore because thats what your sounding like but real gamers can give a crap about graphics when a game has great gameplay.

Tainted Gene3533d ago

people seem 2 forget that Edge also gave Mass Effect a " 7 " as well as other 360 titles. Edge, being a euro mag, is notorious for giving strict reviews

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BMS843535d ago

The objective reviewers , that do not prefer a console above the other , and isn't it strange , that over 100 reviews came in, they gave Killzone 2 90 + , they also gave MGS4 a good score , but it's EDGE who giving a big Sony exclusive allmost every big PS3 exclusive
a low score.

And Zelda OOT is also not my favourite game but it still deserves a 9 or higher.

Capt CHAOS3535d ago

Stop heing a fanboy. They gave LBP 10/10 and that's almost unheard off with Edge. They also seem to think that MGS4 was a better game.

Chris3993535d ago

The LBP review is an EXCEPTION. That game is so universally enjoyable that even the most stoic PS3-hater smiles.

How many other high-profile PS3 exclusives has Edge scored at 9 or over? Hmm... Lemme see... Maybe one, probably closer to zero.

Now compare that to the 360 and you might see where people are comming from.

And as far as any backlash Edge receives from this, good. The more the better. Their review wasn't strong enough to support their judgment of the game and they're getting skewered for it. They didn't like the story? But Halo, GTA and Call of Duty were masterpieces? I don't think so.

The problem with reviews is that they set a standard for how you are to criticize/ praise future software. So in giving glowing reviews to certain titles for "strong narrative", and consequentially poor reviews to games with equally as derivative scripts, a bias becomes apparent. The only differentiating factor between the titles that they have set the precedent with and Killzone 2, is that it appears to be on Sony's platform.

Even 1up loved the game. That speaks volumes.

Pennywise3534d ago

Capt Chaos you are the most undercover fanboy on this site. Dont try to act like you arent biased. Give me a break. Dont try to act righteous throwing bricks at people from your glass house.

We see right through it.

badz1493534d ago

come on man/woman! this is not about the whole media downplaying KZ2 but particularly EDGE while many other out there gave 8 and above! if you are a gamer and your opinion is the only one that stand out to be STUPID then there's something wrong with it and people will start to question you!

KZ2 is the best looking game on console to date and executes things way better than CoD4! aside from the gorgeous graphics with all the polish, lighting and stuff, it's being the 1st game having full 1st person cover, physics that surpassed even Crysis on PC, among the best death animation to date, intelligent AIs and support up to 32 players online! the SP will be longer and more diverse than CoD4 and seriously, the only thing these 2 titles have in common is no co-op! so, why the hell does CoD4 got 9 and KZ2 got a fvcking 7?? there is no sincerity in that review at all and all the lost points are because KZ2 is not at least a multiplat!

you know what, for me there's no scandal or what so ever in EDGE's review. the only thing I can see is STUPIDITY and that means EDGE is STUPID!

The Lazy One3533d ago

I did not enjoy LBP.

Proceed to steal my bubbles because my opinion differs from yours.

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Turbo Teddy3535d ago

A review can never be objective. Its pure based on his personal experience and cognitive attitudes. The only thing that can come close to objective is quantitative studies, and since the study becomes affected by the studier. There are no thing such as "objectivity" (Hawthorne experiment)

Besides I you like and enjoy the game, other peoples or reviewers opinion should matter anything.

Capt CHAOS3535d ago

I'd be nuts not to buy KZ2 if I had a PS3 (I don't, I don't, but in time I'll definitely get one).

But with reviews, they have to be balanced because otherwise the editor would just pull the reviewer up by the ear..

The Matrix3534d ago

WHAT A MINUTE HOLD UP. You've said that edge did this because they wanted to get attention. Well, thanks to all of you dicussing this in depth instead of shrugging it off, edge has become a household gamer name and their website probably has 10 million hits in the last week.

Good job. Way to keep edges fueled and ready to go.

Turbo Teddy3535d ago

Well.. As I see it, its a product, and they have to meet their specific customers demands. They earn money by advertising, the more readers / hits the more lucrative advertising deals. Lets presume that EDGE´s biggest segment is Xbox 360 owners, so companies who deal with Xbox 360 products will like to advertise in their magazine because of their reader base. If EDGE starts praising PS3, Wii or PC games, maybe some of the readers will be offended (the hole fanboy war) and stop reading their magazine. The readers will fall away, Hits will decline. And they wont be so attractive any more from an advertising standpoint. And the competition on internet sites are fierce. I dont see any reason to treat reviewers as the gamings holy knights. They are paid to have a specific opinion.. Thats how I see things..

greatjimbo783534d ago

And from that response i take it you've never read Edge?

dale13535d ago

edge would of gave lbp a 7 had it been a shooter,this game is after the 360,s main market shooters,they know that only to well to give it a 9 or a ten would in danger there main advertising revenue ms.thats the simple facts revenue,with out it they can,t survive,ign has the luxury of being one of the biggest so bulling tactics wouldn,t work.there again ign has large revenue from all platform holders so theres no need to be biased.