Mainstream media starts to pick up on Resident Evil 5's racial issues

Variety writes:

"It was inevitable. The only question was, who would it be, and how soon before the game's released? The answer is, the Atlantic and more than a month.

Ta-Nehisi Coates, a blogger for the venerable magazine of ideas, politics and culture, picks up on this Eurogamer preview that noted the game includes bloodthirsty Black Africans (not zombies) beating something in a sack, a white woman being dragged off by Black men, and "even more outrageous and outdated images to be found later in the game" that are under embargo.

Of course, I haven't played the game myself yet, so I'm not in a position to pass judgment. But I can say that I think this issue is on the verge of blowing up. I hope it will be an opportunity to show that we can debate the content of a video game responsibly as art with a cultural impact. I fear it will turn into another opportunity for out of touch moral scolds to decry videogames and drive another wedge between gamers and mainstream culture.

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