Originality, where art thou?

Originality debates have been thrown around back and fourth for decades. We need to face it: We are in a day and age where being original in games is either unusual, or a hit-or-miss affair. Being original is a very risky task, and anyone that attempts it is usually met with failure, despite praises to the contrary. We enjoy more of the same no matter how many times we demand originality. We always go back to more of the same.

Most game concepts, ideas, and plots, are all used at one point or another. While yes, the game may be different and neat; it is rarely original. Looking at a newer game like Left4dead. Is it a nice change of pace from zombie games? Sure.

Is it original? No.

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meepmoopmeep3536d ago

like they say

"it's all been said and done"

what you see now is that developers are taking good ideas from other games
and adding them to theirs.

it's hard to find something original these days. it's out there, but not abundant like the good ol' days.

Fullish3536d ago

yeah hard to come up with original ideas these days.

iseven3536d ago

just like in any art form these days, its hard to be original. Because EVERYTHING has been done before.


kaironn3536d ago

Haha Simpsons did it! so classic.

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The story is too old to be commented.