Killzone 2, Best Graphics Ever

Lonely PS3 Gamer writes: "The forums have lit up since the release of Killzone 2 reviews, causing an enormous amount of killzone related articles. Even furthering the hype, was the release of the demo on European PSN stores along with demo codes for Gamestop preorders in the US. With my preorder code in hand, I take a deep dive into Sony's first party First Person Shooter. With anticipation for this long awaited demo and the long download wait, (2hours) I am pumped and ready to go."

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chaosatom3535d ago (Edited 3535d ago )

I was expecting more, but still, it was a freaking 5 mins demo. I am sure that as I play more, it would make me realize how good the graphics are.

arika3535d ago

if i expected more from the graphics that i saw from the demo, then i might as well go to iraq to experience a real war, because for a console game it's as real as it can get without going for a tour of duty in iraq or any other war torn city.

chaosatom3535d ago (Edited 3535d ago )

that puts it above Cod4 than just the graphics.

I mean if I jump to a platform, he just does it without a prompt telling me too do so. Also, shooting enemies in close quarters is lots of fun. I am sure MP will give plenty of opportunity to do that.

Viper73535d ago

Dunno about "best graphics ever" but GG have done great job making the game rook really smooth. All the movement and character graphics really bring the game "alive". Not to mention the weapons that seem very detailed.

The only thing that has these "rough edges" is the enviroment. Even with commercial phrases like "destructible enviroment" I could only see bullet holes.
But having KZ2 graphics and RF3 DE would be something beyond this gen.
There could also be more stuff lying around to make the game more believable but guess guerilla needed to cut the ammount to keep performance good.

jessehaysfl3535d ago

i must be a noob what is "RF3 DE"?

DJ3535d ago

But the physical interactions with the enemies and environment stood out the most. The fact that I was using small objects (placed on larger objects) as temporary cover, and shooting away my enemy's cover, was just a huge gameplay leap over other FPS titles I've tried.

Every bullet did something, beyond the mere wall textures and particle effects. At one point I felt sorry for killing the Helghast troops because they reacted to my gunfire so realistically. Every time I play the demo, the warehouse battle is completely different. And I'm excited to see how that unpredictability carries on in the final product.

Viper73535d ago

"i must be a noob what is "RF3 DE"?"

Red Faction 3 Destructable enviroment.

Danja3535d ago


N4360G3535d ago

LOL tell us something we don't already know,Killzone 2 is only 17 days away,I can't wait!!

SL1M DADDY3535d ago

The graphics were not the reason I played through the demo 5 times. It was the environment and the interactions between me, my weapon and the helgan. Good god the game played so well and the controls, they may have been slow for a twitch shooter fan but they were perfect for me. The demo just made me want the game even more and two weeks ago I never thought I would want this game more than I already did.

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edwineverready3535d ago

Took me 5 minutes. dail up is a biatch

Omegasyde3535d ago (Edited 3535d ago )

Lonely PS3 gamer = Laggy PS3 Gamer.

Helghast Slayer3535d ago (Edited 3535d ago )

KZ2 has proved the haters wrong and the masses have all spoken. The ruling is final and the game is AAAA status. Gorilla Games have achieved the impossible and they have overcome all the odds.

If any KZ fan ever followed Killzone2's developments status on a weekly basis like me and others they would have known that GG never intended KZ2 to reinvent jack. They basically wanted to improve on all the mechanics achieved by previous fps's but also throw players in a realistic warzone that separates itself from others with it's Unreal graphic's, solid gameplay and 7.1 sound quality that feels like and EPIC MOVIE!

At times like these there's no room for humbleness. The amount of scrutiny people and publications gave GG and Sony for their E3 "TARGET" trailer was almost unbearable. Well the tide has turned and the time has come for all to embrace what a game of this caliber brings to the all ready over crowded fps genre.

I feel sorry for you 360 extremists. Not a single AAA exclusive worth buying for almost half this year and probably the rest of it lol. Suck to be a [email protected] BOT LMAO.

Helghast Slayer3535d ago (Edited 3535d ago )

*sigh* i'm too smart to be in the open zone. Can you believe i got band for putting a 360 fanbrat in his place? Attentions all MODS (a.k.a 360 fanboys) return me to the gamer zone, i repeat, RETURN ME TO THE GAMER ZONE AT ONCE!!!

Oh well another 7 hours to go. Being away from the civilized is really giving me a head ache.

I'm off to play the demo for the 30th+ time.

cryymoar3535d ago

i've never seen the open zone so empty of xbots.

i see disagrees, but no one is here to refute that Killzone 2 ISN'T the best graphics ever, going to flop, or won't be a AAAA game.

I believe xbots know the truth and all they can do now is hit the disagree button as no one will know who disagreed and how dumb they really are for disagreeing.

So now we have come to this, Sony, GG, and Killzone 2 has shut EVERYONE up! Valve can't talk mess anymore, GG and other Sony devs have proved they have the skills to program EXCELLENT games on the PS3's "difficult architecture."
Greenburg cant talk mess about KZ2's sales as in Europe alone preorders alone have surpassed 1.1 million.
Cliffy B can't talk down on KZ2, it takes a dump on his precious Unreal Engine 3 game.
And the only thing Microsoft can respond with is trying to block February 27th with Halo Wars.

sorry xbots. because on February 27th, you lose.

thebudgetgamer3535d ago (Edited 3535d ago )

its the visceral feeling of looking down your sights spotting a helghan trying to break for cover, spitting a burst of fire witch knocks him down he rolls and tries to get back up when you fire one shot, pow and he goes down for good. suddenly you look up and his buddy is in your face.