IGN: The Best Resident Evil?

IGN writes: "Next month, Capcom resumes scaring gamers with Resident Evil 5, the latest entry in the survival-horror series that helped define a genre. The Resident Evil series turns 13 this year, too, making it a perfect time to ring in a new installment of this storied franchise. Chances are, if you've been gaming for the last decade, you have at least dropped one or two (or 500) zombies infected with Umbrella's sinister T-Virus."

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i liked the 1st 3 but after they moved to zombies to weird alien, it killed it 4 me. so my peace goes to RE 1- 3 specially 2 bcus it was one of the best.
R.I.P Resident Evil originals, you will b missed

Omegasyde3564d ago

I agree, they went all wierd with the umbrella corporation. None of it bad sense after RE3.

RE4 had some cool gameplay, but why is Leon saving the president's daughter again?

Someone call Jean Claude Van Damme, Capcom is stealing his thunder.

Cartesian3D3564d ago

couldnt agree more. so Im not alone about first 3 RE. I think they are more about story,dark atmosphere,mystries... etc than shooting zombies. I love finding letters,solving puzzles..

I know RE4 was a great game, but it wasnt a Great RESIDENT EVIL.

thereapersson3564d ago

"RE4 had some cool gameplay, but why is Leon saving the president's daughter again?

Someone call Jean Claude Van Damme, Capcom is stealing his thunder."


thereapersson3564d ago

Hell yeah, that game was awesome. One of the best remakes ever, in my opinion.

GVON3564d ago

Yeah man,and it had enough new bit's to keep it feeling new,the way the redone the shark scene was brilliant though.
I put it just ahead of twin snakes as my fav remake,I LOVE the game,still got it laying around so play it every year or so.not long had a spin before Christmas,think I'll finish it this weekend.

LastDance3563d ago

"None of it bad sense after RE3."

Irony overload.


Darrius Cole3563d ago (Edited 3563d ago )

Destroying the Umbrella Corporation was a huge mistake in my opinion. Umbrella was one of the, if not THE best villains in fiction. They were simply evil, pure and simple.

People of the Umbrella Corp. were not aliens trying to gain a new homworld; they were not monsters who had to drink blood to live; they were not a political organization trying to conquer and bring their own brand of justice into the world; they were not fanatical followers of a strange religion doing what they thought was right according to their alien faith. All the aformentioned reasons could be understandable from their own point of view, however Umbrella didn't have that. Umbrella had no motive that could be considered honorable from ANY point of view, only the profit motive. They were EVIL in the truest sense of the word.

Changing the villains from an evil corporation and zombies who can only be considered victims, to aliens and people under alien influence who are capable of at least some thought, changes the foundation of the series a lot.

It would be MUCH better if we learned in RE5 that Umbrella was, in fact, not defunct, and was still pulling the strings. That would make everybody helpless victims again making the game a struggle against the resident evil.

Rayko3563d ago

Yeah, the first 2 games were the best RE games ever, code Veronica was OK and RE0 was also OK but not that good (still had some scary moments and original zombies left). RE4 and now 5 are 2 really dissapointing RE games. No Resident Evil feeling what so ever. RE series is dead for me. Hope they will bring it back with part 6 :(

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N4Garbage3564d ago

Well I'm glad they got rid of the -10mph walking Zombies.

The T-Virus was created based off of the Progenitor Virus.

A virus that was crossed with Leeches hence Zombies relentless struggle for blood.

Through research and documents it seems this Progenitor Virus was found in Africa.

And the only way to stop a Bio Weapon on this scale is to find the Host.

That's my take can't wait to experience this story to fill in gaps I need filled.

enviable273564d ago

I believe the fastest human on earth can go up to 8-9 mph, so 10mph would be the zombies in RE5

Lazarus693564d ago


The average human can run up to 10mph,i think the fastest human can do about 20mph

jtucker783563d ago

So what is the average speed of the RE5 zombie?

Because they walk, then sprint at you until they get within a specific radius and then they walk again.

I think the equation would also have to factor in the number of zombies on screen as when there are several they run at you, then slow down, then queue up and fight you one at a time.

somekindofmike3564d ago

I personally don't understand when people say they don't like resident evil 4 because it's not a true Resident Evil game! it's still a great game even if it's deviated away from the original formula.

I would still love another big budget Resident Evil game based on the original formula, but it won't stop me from enjoying these new style RE games.

DoctorXpro3564d ago

"Someone call Jean Claude Van Damme, Capcom is stealing his thunder"


jtucker783563d ago

Umbrella Chronicles is the worst I've played.

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