Core i7 is one percent of all Intel Consumer CPUs

Fudzilla: "We knew that Core i7 is not selling particularly well, but we expected it should account for more than one percent of totally CPU sales in the consumer market.

According to Intel internal data, Core i7 CPU is currently one percent of Intel OEM guidance for Consumer market, and the worst part is that throughout 2009, Intel has no plans to gain more market with it."

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Blasphemy3563d ago

Everything just cost to much concerning the core i7. It's just not worth it right now considering the performance you can get out of the core 2 duo and quad processors right now.

FantasyStar3563d ago

It's multi-threading in general. Our hardware is evolving too quickly. Hell we barely have current software that's fully-supported by the Quads, much less the Duals. My Q6600 still has plenty of untapped potential.

DeadlyFire3563d ago

Price isn't to bad really. $300 for 2.66 Ghz Core i7 chip. Usually you have to pay alot more for first set of chips. Still a little expensive to some, but overall its not that bad of a price. Right now most PC games are still developed with Dual-core in mind and generally work best on Dual-core. A few new ones might be in the works with multi-core engine design to scale along the number of cores a PC CPU has running. It will be needed to make full use of the upcoming CPUs. Late 2009 we will see 6 or 8 core chips from Intel and early 2010 maybe we will see the same from AMD.

jimferguson20063563d ago

I had my company try to order a dell with Core i7 but according to purchasining, dell corporate accouts couldn't see it. We finally pressured them to sell us the consumer grade one.

Scottama3563d ago

The £1000 965 (3.2GHz) pwns the £1500 QX9770, also 3.2GHz.

I got an i7 920 (2.66GHz) for £250, and it's currently overclocked to 3.8GHZ. It is incredible! It's so easy to overclock, and this thing is going to last me for years.

It is well worth it, trust me.