New Bioshock Footage

New Bioshock footage. Enjoy!

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techie4341d ago

WOw. Just wow. The atmosphere is incredible. The animation spot on...and the way that the story plays out without cutscenes is just amazing. Wow.

THAMMER14341d ago

I just absolutely loved that vid. The detail was just mind blowing. This is now a must have game even more than before.

Captain Tuttle4341d ago (Edited 4341d ago )

That's coming along nicely. Really amazing stuff.

That women's voice introducing the video really bugs me though. They should find somone new to do the talking.

InMyOpinion4341d ago

In the first demo vid they had an even more annoying male speaker.

Captain Tuttle4341d ago (Edited 4341d ago )

Too true my friend. And he wouldn't shut up!

techie4340d ago

Jeez just watched it. That guy is really disturbing and has an annoying voice! This girl is better.

FirstknighT4341d ago

I'm glad Microsoft saw the potential of this hit and grabbed the rights. Another HUGE hit for the 360. This is REAL NEXT GEN!!! Eat your heart out sonyboys! ;)

Maccas4341d ago

that was amazing! i was awestruck within the first 20seconds :S