Grim Fandango - GameStooge retroview takes a look at one of the best, if not THE best, games ever made: Tim Schafer's Grim Fandango.

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donator3562d ago (Edited 3562d ago )

Love this game. Still play it every once in a while.

Edit: Great voice acting too.

JonahFalcon3562d ago

I know. I replied to your comment at the ACG Retro review N4G page. lol

JonahFalcon3562d ago

What th'... that review was posted 4 hours ago??? What, suddenly people are getting nostalgic for Grim Fandango everywhere?

Sangria3561d ago

I don't really like adventure games, because i always find a way to be lost or to not understand how we could mix a box and a branch to make a key, but Grim Fandango was one of the only one i really loved.

The voice acting was awesome but i also loved the background of the game, the "Tim Burton"-esque point of view on life and the general design. It was really fun. I've even wrote a review about this game to be hired in a professional video game site (and i have been hired).

Too bad i didn't have time to finish it, but for sure, Grim Fandango is an incredible experience, and the wedding level in LittleBigPlanet reminded me the game (if i had talent, i would make a LBP level about Grim Fangando, actually).

Anon19743561d ago

Playing through LBP's wedding level made me miss Grim Fandango. I was just telling one of my co-workers about this game yesterday. They just don't make em like this anymore.

Mnemonic-DK3561d ago

Grim Fandango is possibly the best adventure game ever, with the Monkey Island series coming a close second.

I'm really looking forward to Tim Schafer's next game Brütal Legend.