Games Abyss: Section 8 Preview

Section 8 tells the story of a war between two factions: the EDF, the established governmental order around these parts, and the Arm of Orion, the upstart military group with a bad attitude and everything to prove. As the story begins, the 'Arm' has been silently subjugating planets on the outskirts of galactic civilization. Apparently that makes them pretty confident and soon they launch a surprise attack on the EDF. The 'Arm' attacks an outer rim planet and Section 8, a group of elite armored infantry, is called in and starts hurtling them through the upper atmosphere face first.

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lord_of_balrogs3563d ago

First, take the PS3 tag out as there is no confirmation on that version yet only the PC and 360 versions. It may not of been truly cancelled but it hasn't been confirmed either.

This game looks extremely nice and I like the concept of orbital drops wherever you want as it brings a strategic aspect into respawning. I look forward to upcoming news for this game.

dafonz3562d ago

hmmm, game trailers is showing a release for PS3, XBOX 360 and PC.. Not sure how accurate their dates or platform info is.

cyclindk3563d ago (Edited 3563d ago )

The HUD looks terrible, first thing I would do as dev working on ANOTHER fps would be to do something interesting with the HUD, I mean besides your weapons and the enemies on the screen your HUD is gonna be in your face for the entire game and to not take advantage of such a simple and obvious avenue for possibly impressing the player is pathetic.

It's okay though, lots of developers make this mistake.

Tell me it wouldn't be cool to have the option to turn it on or off in-game with the press of a button and have a little screen flip down in front of one eye and light up real quick with the HUD elements displayed. Map should be a hologrphic display on the wrist that when a button is pressed and held the player automatically looks down at his wrist to see the map.

NaiNaiNai3563d ago

funny how so many people hated that stuff in FO3.