TVGB: Review / Savage Moon

TVGB writes: "The PlayStation Network is not known for having a huge catalog of games like XBLA has, but what it lacks in numbers it more than makes up for in quality. Case in point is the FluffyLogic developed tower defense game Savage Moon which is now available on PSN for $9.99. Savage Moon has been compared to Starship Troopers because of the hordes of Insectocytes that relentlessly try to destroy our base. That's a very accurate comparison because the game does take place on many moons in different nebulas and every bug like creature on these moons wants us dead. What we're left with is a standard tower defense game that won't win any awards but is still enjoyable to play."


* Solid example of the Tower Defence genre
* Sufficient level of depth to strategy
* Interesting camera options and passable visuals for a small, PSN game


* Environments unremarkable and lack variety
* Difficulty curb between levels very steep
* Absence of plot or narrative leaves gameplay very dry and meaningless

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