1UP: LocoRoco 2 Review

The game exudes a sense of innocence and charm that quickly sweeps away any frustrations, and leaves you whistling the theme song long after you put it down. It's simple, but the newly-added collecting and building elements make you eager to keep playing. Nintendo-like in its quirky, engaging fun, LocoRoco 2 should definitely be in your PSP library.

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TheColbertinator3539d ago

Looks like a 10/10 to me.PSP has no games? Ha! Yeah right

lephunk3539d ago

1up is on a roll!

Flower = A+
Killzone 2 = A+
Loco Roco 2 = A+

i thought they were anti sony?

xabmol3539d ago

You know it takes about 2 years before people start liking the new PlayStation. Bet you 5 bucks no one likes the PS4 for the first 2 years ether.

TheColbertinator3539d ago

They were never anti-Sony.Its just some nonsense that fanboys made up during the Dan Hsu era.After Hsu left,1up gave an A- to Motorstorm 2,MGS4,and Valkyria Chronicles.

Not to mention 10/10 to Flower,KZ2,Loco Roco,and Wipeout HD.They did not give an A to R2 because the game had a weak single player.

1up is not biased but fanboys who claim that 1up is biased are the real perpetrators of that deception.

pwnsause3539d ago

whats up with 1up giving 100s on Playstation games?

sonarus3539d ago

or perhaps those are just 3 genuinely good games. They give good games good scores all the time just that because of metacritic wars an 8/10 is suddenly a fail at life and a secret Microsoft pay off. A 9/10 is bias and a 10/10 is a guilty score. Its getting ridiculous really.

Sitdown3539d ago

Ummm...what are you talking about? Clearly all three of those titles got an "A" from 1up. Nothing more, nothing less.

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xabmol3539d ago

Pure and simple fun, with a little exploration and some unexpected game play mechanics. If you own a PSP, GET THIS GAME! Don't be fooled by its "kiddy looks" ether. I have a feeling some people will just pass this game up because of that.

GamerPS3603539d ago

LocoRoco reminds me LardAss haha.