Resident Evil 5: Racist or Not?

Safety's Off delves into the current hot-button issue of whether or not Resident Evil 5 should be accused of being racist.

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Cwalat3537d ago

You do, not this game. It's physically impossible for this game to suck, YOU on the other hand... Have no problem with that i see.


No, it's not racist. Whoever thinks so should get their brains checked. WE are all humans, no matter what colour of our skins. Black White Yellow Pink Orange Brown Blue Green Red. OFCOURSE there are gonna be some more dark skinned majinis in this game... It takes place where the sun is up more than it's down. Pigmation is a very simple and logical mutation of body, if a white Swede was down in africa since he was born he would also develop a darker skin.

So all saying it's racist. Just give it a rest and see it for what it is, a videogame, an entertainment piece of awesomeness.

ME... GO... BUY... FIRST DAY..


N4Sony3537d ago

Only the 360 version. PS3 is as clean as Jesus. Racism only occurs on evil Bill's console. Only on N4G.

Kami3537d ago

Its F*cking Africa for gods sake.
Stupid people think everything is racist.

LeSouteneur3537d ago (Edited 3536d ago )

1. Resident Evil 4 only had white Spanish ganados. No one complained, no one said anything. It was just killing a bunch of "Virus infected ganados." No one was black either. If there was one black person, I swear to god that black people would've screamed "OMG, they put the black guy in an all white geographic location just for the sake of killing the black guy! RacisS!"

2. Now, on to Resident Evil 5 in some third world African country. Great, you'd expect Africans in Africa to be y'know, Africans. But nnoooo, they had to throw in some latinos, whites, and south Asians to cater to the black audience who threatened to sue. How is that realistic? Y'know what, why not just forget that black people exist. Don't include them in any game whatsoever. Then they'll ***** and moan about not being represented in games.

Anywho, Resident Evil creators just showed us that it's perfectly okay to kill white Spaniards, but NOT okay to kill blacks.

That to me is racist.

cayal3536d ago


Bubbles for common sense.

incogneato3536d ago

the game does suck indeed. also i wish it was racist just to offend all the cry babies saying it is/was racist. unfortunately capcom is gay and added asians, whites, hispanics, etc into the middle of africa.... ridiculous

cayal3536d ago

"capcom is gay"

How old are you? 6?

incogneato3536d ago

its not my fault youre some cry baby gay rights activist

Viper73536d ago

We have been killing ppl from all over the world in video games, even Americans in GTA kinda games. Not to mention that in many of the games the player takes control of black skinned character killing white skinned ppl.

Dunno but as far as I can see blaming resident evil 5 any way racist is retarted.

snakeater33536d ago

"its not like chris is yelling DIE F*ckERS!! whilst shooting angrily".......chris isnt mouthing those words......but I know i will lool ...I purposely shoot the zombies in the face so that i can land a forceful "straight" and imagine a black illegal immigrant who is infesting my country....i have no problems with africans or with black people....they are very nice ....especially nigerians......but hey.....stay in your countries! gdamnit! dont expect to come here, have a 5 star service, rape our girls, AND still complain about the food! ....yeah ban me all you want and cancel this message , but this is the truth in my country and its a collectively felt sentiment.
so yeah.......i will enjoy re5 very much...thanks capcom for letting me express my innermost feelings

godofthunder103536d ago

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SL1M DADDY3536d ago

Because regardless of skin color, if I were being attacked by such I would not hesitate to cap them. Sorry, but I am not going to be picky if presented with the immediate need to kill a white, black or hispanic zombie. The first one to go will always be the one closest to me. Racist it is not. Now, the racial squabblers need to STHU. You can't even use the term Black Hole without being called a racist these days... Good gravy!

blackpanther253536d ago

but you guys shouldn't be so sad when you see other races in this game. Have any of you guys been to a country in africa. Im from Nigeria i can vouch that around where my house is there are a lot Indians,Chinese, and a few Caucasians. As a matter of fact there are a hugh amount of indian doctors in my country. Also the most of North Africa has fair looking (they either look Caucasian or Arabic) africans.

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Harry Pothead3537d ago

these are the type of ppl that make the situation worse....
its bad enough that resident evil 5 can be seen as a black woman helping a white man kill black ppl but, she wants to have sex with him also making her look like a whore...

KenAdamsNSA3537d ago

I honestly don't know WHERE you got that.

cayal3536d ago

dude...lay off the pot.

badz1493536d ago

is the funniest comment of the day! LOL! pass up the pot now

SinnedNogara3537d ago

If people still have to worry about racism then we are very screwed up as humans. And the comments made by chasegamer and Harry Pothead, WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

bbblockbird3537d ago (Edited 3537d ago )

aight let we be the voice of reason. ITS IN AFRICA THE GAME TAKES IN AFRICA WTF DO U THINK ARE THE RACE OF PEOPLE WHO LIVE THERE!? as for the normal black people being violate has anyone seen blood diamond thats what the people actually do rape murder steal. not racist just fact

ActionBastard3537d ago

You formed that opinion off of Blood Diamond? Rwanda, yes. The travesty in Darfur, sure. But the MOVIE Blood Diamond?! There isn't a facepalm profound enough to give you.