aXXo Issues Anti-Piracy Warning

Torrentfreak writes:

The relatively silent aXXo has appeared during the last few days. Speaking with the users of Mininova, he outlined some advice to help mitigate the effects of what he believes to be a potential security risk. The problem could cause downloads to slow down or even worse, he warns.

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TrevorPhillips3535d ago

there are too much people out there downloading stuff

iAmPS33535d ago

Another reason why Usenet is a great option.

uie4rhig3535d ago

but what the hell has axxo got to do with gaming? axxo is a movie ripper not game ripper or whatever ..

Kakkoii3534d ago


Sigh... This isn't a GAMING NEWS ONLY WEBSITE.

This is a NEWS FOR GAMERS website. Which means... News that Gamers might be interested in.

likedamaster3534d ago

"i know aXXo is a great ripper and all
but what the hell has axxo got to do with gaming? axxo is a movie ripper not game ripper or whatever"

Axxo is one of the best and most popular DVD rippers. You can actually fit Axxo's movies on a CD.

One of the best game rippers though is the Skullptura team, there's others but no one rips, patches, and most of all compresses games like Skullptura.

uie4rhig3534d ago

lol i know how axxo's rips are :P and never heard of Skullptura but i think Reloaded are the best game rippers :) Skullptura might be better ,but since i never heard of, i cant judge :P

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Bubble Buddy3535d ago

aXXo is a legend. Wonder who it is, are you on N4G aXXo? :).

Lord Anubis3535d ago

well he is well known but he is probably ripping dvds right now.

xabmol3535d ago

give us a sign.

And I'll give you bubbles for all the great movies you share.

*Continues watching Max Paine*

StormSoldier3535d ago

he / she / they r doing wonders for us lol

Kushan3535d ago

Bit of a misleading title there, it's hardly an "anti-piracy" warning, if anything he's fully supporting Piracy and simply warning people not to get caught.

He's got a somewhat valid point - don't go adding random trackers to random torrents, you're just asking for trouble, but sites like isohunt do this automatically for you, so you're better off just getting the torrent from there.
You're always at risk of someone watching you, such is the nature of P2P, who knows who your "Peers" really are?

One other way to protect yourself is to follow this guide:
It's for adding an IP filter directly to uTorrent to try and stop it connecting to known bad people.

Tony P3535d ago

aXXo is some sort of super pirate, I take it?

Kushan3535d ago

Yes and no. From what I see, he basically just releases very good quality DVD rips of films, but not necessarily stuff that's still in the cinema, usually stuff that's been out on DVD for a while. His releases are always very high quality, which is their real appeal, but don't expect transformers 2 from him or anything like that for a while.

cactuschef3535d ago (Edited 3535d ago )

Yeah his rips are the best, and only about 700mb each. Its great. Well, thats just what my friends say, I would never steal.

Mikerra173535d ago

he releases dvds a week before release

Ice2ms3534d ago

aXXo = my favorite guy on the internet ( sorry tay zonday )

Tony P3534d ago

Ah, well I'm not judging (as disagrees seem to indicate) I just didn't know who the guy or gal was.

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