Game Revolution: Retro Game Collection Review

Retro Game Challenge may not be as genuine as an actual 8-in-1 retro game collection by Namco or Atari, but what it lacks in authenticity, it makes up for by successfully bringing everything that's awesome yet simple about the classics. It pays tribute to an exciting time when blowing the dust out of the cartridge was just as much a part of the geekery as the pouting over game delays, abstaining from strategy guides (that too), complaining about used games (umm...), and explaining to your mom that doing what you love is better than having money.

+ Solid retro-styled games
+ Smorgasbord of 1980s genres
+ Gets you to reminisce
+ Appropriate 8-bit graphics and sound

- Lasts about a night or two
- Challenges are not very challenging
- Some localization issues
- Kid Amino needs to learn to shut it

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