Tetsuya Nomura Updates on FF Versus XIII, mentions Kingdom Hearts III

IGN reports on Tetsuya Nomura's interview with Japan's Ge-maga gaming magazine. The acclaimed director gives details on Final Fantasy Versus XIII project and hints about Kingdom Hearts III.

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the_bebop4299d ago

"Nomura closed off by expressing his desire to make Versus XIII the last numbered Final Fantasy game he works on as director. Given his ever growing stature at Square Enix, that seems unlikely."

I would think that giving his ever growing stature at Square-Enix this would make the higher ups in Square-Enix more likely to let him work on alot of other newer titles besides Kingdom Hearts since I recon with the higher costs and longer time of making next-gen titles any company creating new titles need to make sure that these games are good and done right. With Square-Enix having Nomura directing newer titles it would benefit Square-Enix alot more then if they just had him work on Final Fantasy titles only.