GamePro: Flower Review

Movie critic Roger Ebert gained infamy for his "video games are not art" statement. Well, someone needs to hook him up with a copy of the newly released PSN title Flower, and force feed the unkindly critic his own words. Masterful controls and the perfect mix of music and color combine to make an interactive experience that's not only creative and unique, but takes players on an emotive journey. If you're looking for an example of art in video game form, Flower is it.

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infamousinfolite3590d ago (Edited 3590d ago )

what is flower? I haven't been following on my games library lately

Edit: Now I know. Hmmm this looks to be very good. I like how sony is making good use of its sixaxis.

Sony Rep3590d ago

Another AAA title for the PS3. I don't care if it doesn't have a 90+ score. Day 1... :)

N4Sony3590d ago (Edited 3590d ago )

This should sell a good 300-400k PS3s this Thursday. I heard Patcher is predicting Wii December 2008 numbers in North America for PS3 just based on this title alone, then imagine what Killzone 2 will do for it! Another 2-3 million in the last few days of the month is my prediction.

BkaY3590d ago

thanks mate .. so its coming out on this Thursday....

BTW who is this "patcher guy"?... (an honest question.....)


N4Sony3590d ago

A very "biased" Sales Analyst/Predictor who is featured over on Gametrailers often. He is obliterated quite often here prior to NPD figures release, and then when we find that he actually over-rated PS3 sales (despite getting superior 360 sales bang-on) everyone kinda stops talking about him till he predicts another 360 monthly sales victory. At which time, he's garbage again.

BkaY3590d ago

i was counting on him to predict "second coming of Christ"...but....
thanks mate... now i know how reliable he is ... is he ever been right about anything .... if not then wha the hell he is still doing in n4g news.....


ps: i use too much "...." plz dont get annoyed by it...

N4Sony3590d ago

That determines how "accurate" he is ;)

Of course, if you stay level with both next-gen HD consoles (like myself, but unlike 80+% of this site) then you're going to take a side with him.

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heyheyhey3590d ago

I'm getting this... have been looking for a good title to make me fall in love with sixaxis again :)

SAiOSiN3590d ago

4.5 huh? when r2 was reviewed it got a 4/5. people on the r2 comments section asked why the low score. the guy that reviewed it said that they didn't do halves anymore. anyway...good for flower.

iHEARTboobs3590d ago

There's going to be a demo for this game, right?

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The story is too old to be commented.