Killzone 2 for sale, street date broken

"I couldn't believe myself when I first saw it in a local videogame store. It was Killzone 2 the full game. [Two] weeks before the release date. The salesman told me that they managed to bring only 70 copies of Killzone 2, and they all sold out in just [five] hours... He reserved one copy for me..."

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TheHater3539d ago

hopefully I can get the game this weekend

Fishy Fingers3539d ago

"but you can guarantee that if any shop were dare to sell it before the release date in North America or Europe, Sony's lawyers would be onto them like whippets."


cliffbo3539d ago

don't. the online is broken and it looks like the devs may block it indefinitely

Blackcanary3539d ago

i want this game now so bad its driving me crazy, I've stocked up my cub boards full of food ready for the days that i will be speeding just playing this one game like i did with MGS4

gamesmaster3539d ago

i :( when i saw that too.

heyheyhey3539d ago


the online lock is for press kits and sh!t like that being sold on eBay

if you can sneak a copy from a store it will be fully retail and functional... just the store broke the date and the online servers won't be up

3539d ago
Cwalat3539d ago



GO CRAZY PPL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!

darthv723539d ago

Seen two different posts for kz2 in the san fran/bay area. Going for $65+ for the standard edition.

callahan093539d ago

Good news. Now that it's confirmed out in the wild, I'll have to go to the same store that sold me LittleBigPlanet a week before its release (that is, a week before the ORIGINAL release, before the delay because of that Islamic song issue, I had all of the trophies that didn't require online connection over a week before most people even got their hands on the game!) and see if they can hook me up.

Lifendz3539d ago

I saw him play it all the time. he even has trophies for it. I'm jealous but I guess I have to wait.

Blaze9293539d ago

time to hit up Toys R Us, Kmart and Walmart.

I think it may be a good idea to hit up Circuit City too since they are closing down. I doubt they are "holding" Killzone 2 since the whole point is getting everything out quick as possible. Hmmm....ill check this weekend

N4360G3538d ago

I envy those lucky gamers that will be playing the best FPS of all time before the release date.

solidt123538d ago

I wish I could fly to Dubia to get a copy.

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ape0073539d ago (Edited 3539d ago )

that killzone 2 will be released tommorow here in saudi arabia in jeddah


haha my friends will go mad

im so lucky :)

a disagree?

how the hell can anyone disagree with these kind of statements

DarK-SilV3539d ago (Edited 3539d ago )

I got today and reached level 2,it was released here in UAE on Monday
most of the time we get the games 1 to 2 weeks before the world

Kaneda3539d ago

I am already finished the game.. :)

y0haN3538d ago

Shame the online isn't enabled yet so your rank is still 0.

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GameGambits3539d ago

If anyone manages to find a place with an early copy in the next few days, then please for the love of God buy an extra one for me. XD

I'll pay you and thensome woot!

Jazz41083539d ago

its not worth a dollar over retail

Blasphemy3539d ago

My brother is in Djibouti right now I wander is it out there to? I am seriously thinking about telling him to buy a copy and send it to me.

Foxgod3539d ago

It took 5 hours to sell 70 copies ?
Damn, Halo 3 sold 70 copies per minute.....

TheOutsider3539d ago

It took your dad 2 seconds to conceive you!

Foxgod3539d ago

You better not talk about people's parents, you never know what karma will do to you.

heyheyhey3539d ago (Edited 3539d ago )

yeah.. when it was released worldwide in every store

this sold 70 copies in ONE SINGLE STORE in 5 hours with few being informed of this occurence

but nice try, dumbass :)

lol... in Saudi Arabia too

Ethreon3539d ago

Those lucky fcuks.

And kinda dumb to go with parent-jokes when some1 bashes some videogame, well thats fanboyism for you.

TheForgotten0ne3539d ago

But 70 copies 2 weeks before it was suppoed to be released.

I'll say 5 hours is great then!

N4360G3538d ago

LOL heyheyhey pretty much said all that needed to be said.

cryymoar3538d ago (Edited 3538d ago )

you might as well make a new account because your stupidity is showing.

70 in 5 hours is great for one store is great considering the conditions.
i wonder if those who try to get online will be banned or get into legal trouble. i'm sure the store might get into legal trouble.

Sir Ken_Kutaragi3538d ago

I hope ALL PS3 owners buy it!!!;) Don't Rent it!!! BUY IT!!!;)

Magic_The_Celt3538d ago

Maybe because it wasnt officialy up for sale so no one was there to specificaly buy it?


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