GamesAreEvil Review: NASCAR Kart Racing (Wii)

Games Are Evil writes, "NASCAR is an American subculture that rarely gets the love or respect it deserves. These weekend warriors put their lives on the line in the never-ending pursuit of the perfect left turn. Up until this point, most of the attempts to make the "NASCAR experience" into a video game have resulted in an over-complicated simulation with an obscenely high barrier to entry. Fortunately for the casual crowd, NASCAR Kart Racing has zoomed into the picture, turning the genre on its ear...."

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CrAppleton3590d ago

I've never been a fan of NASCAR games.. but I love racing games, and this looks like it might be right down my alley

bgrundman3590d ago

The cartoony appearance helps it appeal to a wide variety of people.

ammonator3590d ago

Still doesn't change the perpetual left turn.

killyourfm3590d ago

I'm just wondering if ANYTHING can compete against the constantly-sold-out Mario Kart Wii.

Props to EA for having the stones to try :-)

bgrundman3590d ago

How can the big dogs get any better without being challenged by the small frys?

killyourfm3590d ago

Wait, wait...the companies playing the roles of "Big Dogs" and "Small Frys" could be argued here :-)

CrAppleton3590d ago

Yeah.. EA here is a Big Dog.. playing the Small Fry role with the Kart Racer

Voiceofreason3590d ago

If you go back a week or two you can find an EA rep saying that NFS was changing to an arcade style but that Nintendo owned the market with MKWii and they just didnt want to compete with it by making the same type of game..

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bgrundman3590d ago

Do you think a game like this could succeed on the PS3 or Xbox 360? Methinks not.

CrAppleton3590d ago

I might buy it if it were on 360..

braane3590d ago

Nascar 09 was horrible...

If this game, which it won't, would come to the PS3/Xbox360 I would definitely buy it.

This game almost... 'almost' makes me want to buy a wii.

2FootYard3590d ago

I would feel ashamed to have anything Nascar related in my video game collection.