GamePro: F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin Review

GamePro writes: "While it wasn't the best shooter ever created -- that honor belongs to the original Half-Life -- the original F.E.A.R. was a terrific FPS, full of intense action, a sweet slo-mo gimmick and the scariest little girl I've ever encountered whose last name wasn't Olsen. Now, the spine tingling sequel, Project Origin is here to continue the story of the psychic and psychotic Alma with damn good results."

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ftwps33535d ago

Ill probably be getting this game later this week, but it looks tight.

jBat173535d ago

i have a problem with this concept.. i mean, yeah half-life was good during its hey-day.. but right now it pales in comparison to, say COD4, in terms of polish or Bioshock in terms of gameplay mechanics or any other FPS today in terms of graphics/presentation.. don't get me wrong, i played the heck out of HL.. but HL2 is way better.. and so are other FPS titles..

so, yeah, HL is the best FPS at the time it was released. but that's judging it relative to its time. now it's dated. FPS gameplay has been refined but HL remained static. the way games work is it is constantly improving with every new title. would you rather play HL then, say, gaylo 3 at this point in time?

the best shooter ever created?.. just bout of nostolgia there

NaiNaiNai3535d ago

just skip this guys drivle he posts this like its a law, not his OPINION.