Hype To Hurt Killzone 2?

"Around four years ago Guerilla announced Killzone 2 exclusively for the PlayStation 3. Guerilla stated that they were working to at least match the CG trailer shown. Once this title was announced and the trailer was shown, there were many people doubting that Guerilla could pull this off on the PlayStation 3. Ever since then, there has been loads of hype surrounding this game. But will this hype do for Killzone 2? Read on to find out."

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user94220773563d ago

Hype will be worth every moment of Killzone 2.

Roll on Killzone's 2 Release Date

darthv723563d ago

I have my own level of personal hype (expectations) and so far they arent being met. Mainly because I dont know the whole story for this one. I am a story whore first and foremost. If you get that feeling of being pulled into a compelling story, making it worth every minute to play to the end....that is what a great game needs to have (IMO).

I really like the resistance story. Graphics dont impress me as I am spoiled (like most everyone else) by all the evolution that cgi has been going through. Great graphics are to be expected which is why kz2 doesnt wow me like others who may not have expected as much.

I will gladly give this game a 9 or even a 10 if the story holds my interest from start to finish.

GWAVE3563d ago

Well spoken, HighDefinition. Bubbles for you.

It seems that "hype" is perfectly okay for the likes of Gears 2 or Halo 3 but now that we've come to Killzone 2...oh boy! Stop the hype! It might ruin the game!

beavis4play3563d ago

darth, i'd suggest finding a copy of KZ1 and playing that first if you already haven't done so. that's where the story starts....and it's very possible that KZ2 story won't be as good if you haven't played the first game.

also, glad to see there are others who enjoy a great story in a game.

thats_just_prime3563d ago (Edited 3563d ago )

HD so you saying the hype is ruining KZ2. It just another fps with good graphic nothing special about it

Oh and darth you can probably find KZ1 and the story of it on wikipedia

joydestroy3563d ago

yeah, for once i think the hype is justified this go 'round.
honestly, i think it could use more hype.

cmrbe3563d ago (Edited 3563d ago )

I understand completely what you are saying. The Story to me is the most important part of a game as i am a SP kinda guy. Even if graphics and gameplay is fun if the story is bad then i will not really get into the game that much.

The Killzone universe is perhaps one of the best i have seen sofar. It's rooted very much in what is really possible. If you know early 20th century European politics then you will definately see similarities with the Killzone universe.

I highly recomend you read the timeline story of the human race on Go to the Info tab and then story line. It will explain everything leading up to KZ2. The story is quite amazing.

Marceles3563d ago

"Media to Ruin Killzone Hype"

Everyone is hype for the game and all it takes is someone to hate anything on Sony or PS3 to nitpick it to death and slow down the hype of the game.

If it was on the 360 the game would've been held as the 2nd coming of Jesus and PS3 would be even more dooooommmeeed and blu-ray would be deaaaaaaddd and useless...

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Sasanova3563d ago

hype doesnt ruin games. games are what they are, hype is the imagination. game is the same with hype or not. only thing thats ruined is your expectations. with that, killzone 2 owns hype all day. only game in history that can live up to it.

ape0073563d ago

it deserves the hype

it has exceeded it imo

Nick2120043563d ago

Hype does not make a game worse. If you read the article you will understand what TheGamerAccess is stating here.

Kleptic3563d ago

this title is going to create a bunch of random comments, as many won't even read it...

Shane Kim3563d ago

Well the reviews and the people on beta and sh!t says otherwise.

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