Game Informer: LocoRoco 2 Review

The original LocoRoco blended cute graphics, catchy music, and an innovative simplistic control scheme to make it one of the PSP's early greats. With this year's true sequel (the PS3 DLC Cocoreccho doesn't count), fans will find the ultimate LocoRoco experience. Newcomers should jump right into the sequel despite the "2" on the box.
The core mechanic still consists of tilting the game world with the shoulder buttons to roll and bounce happy blobs around levels in search of more blobs to merge and grow with. The type and number of LocoRoco onscreen affects the tone and complexity of the music, making it somewhat interactive.

Improved minigames (including a traditional shooter) and entertaining boss battles (one involves plucking moustache hairs) round out this great $20 package. PSP owners would be crazy to pass this one by.

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