Talking About Games: Gears of War 2 Review

Talking About Games:

"In the year of the sequel, with everyone dying not just for your gaming dollar but also for your Xbox Live time, Gears of War 2 has what it takes to stand tall with the competition. And given the previous support for Gears of War, there is little reason to doubt that Epic will eventually come up with more new arenas and achievements to keep pulling everyone back in. Even if Epic didn't make like Apple and just start with GoW 3.1, the tough competition out there now can only lead to better things for gamers - hopefully in the form of some creative downloadable content. After all, if Saints Row 2 gets Zombie Uprising, and CoD 5 gets Nazi zombies, and Left 4 Dead gets co-op zombies, and XBLA is getting "Zombies!!!," it almost seems inevitable: Zombie Locust Horde mode, anyone?"

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