Turbo Asylum: No More Heroes Review

No More Heroes is the kind of game that will make you wonder how it even got published. From the cel-shaded and pixel-art visual mash up to the immense amounts of blood, Suda51 and Grasshopper Manufacture have collaborated to deliver a beat-em-up boss fest that is both ridiculous and daring. This Wii title isn't for everyone-and definitely not for the typically young Wii gamer-but No More Heroes offers a hardcore experience on a system full of casual fare, and ultimately succeeds at being both fun and memorable.

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Xander-RKoS3564d ago

Not saying 7 is a bad score, but No More Heroes deserves much better than that. Granted, I'll let them keep their cons, but their pros hardly scratch the surface of this amazing game. There is some great level design hidden beneath what would seem like a generic beat em up, and the fact that no two levels are the same keeps the game fresh all the way through. At least the author sorta flushed out the fact that each boss is a crazy in their own unique way and progressively get harder and harder (especially the last boss, those who got the real ending know what I mean).

GFahim3564d ago

is wii's goty 2008 i dnt care man