Talking About Games: Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe Review

Talking About Games:

"Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe is oddly the shot in the arm that the Mortal Kombat series has needed for a while. What is truly scary, though, is that this may end up being Midway's Swan Song, their greatest creation before their death. Midway is currently experiencing financial turmoil, and it seems that this game may not sell well enough to keep the company afloat. This game is exactly what a Mortal Kombat fan wants. You can button mash your way to some victories, but to truly master the game, you need to learn how to combine smaller combos and this is where the game returns, masterfully, to its roots. If you haven't enjoyed the series, this game will not change your mind. Issues with the game's online service hold it back, but it is a masterful fighting game, nonetheless. If you are a fan of the early iterations in the series, this is the game that you should be playing."

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