Gears 2 Writer: "The Lancer Is The New Lightsaber"

Gears of War isn't going anywhere. With a "ten-year plan" in place and major hints at a prequel game and single-player DLC for Gears of War 2, series scriptwriter Joshua Ortega thinks "the lancer is the new lightsaber."

Seems that Halo isn't the only Xbox-friendly franchise with aspirations to the pop culture throne currently occupied by Star Wars. Epic has well, epic, plans for the franchise going forward in the next ten years, including a movie, a prequel game, new DLC for Gears 2 and more.

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GWAVE3590d ago

Pffft. Snnnkkk...


Oh. Excuse me. I couldn't help myself.

What's with this rabid obsession of 360 devs trying to be the next big pop-culture icon? Need I remind anyone that down this road lies Mario Tennis and Crash Tag Team Racing?

GiantEnemyCrab3590d ago

360 devs? I seem to remember a certain boy who lives in a sack that wants to be the next Mario. =)

GWAVE3590d ago

@ Crab

Link me the news article where Sony or Media Molecule said that they wanted Sackboy to be the next Mario. I never heard them say that, but they might have, so I'd like to see.


ftwps33590d ago (Edited 3590d ago )


Well they are not exactly from sony or media molecule but the escapist Isnt from Microsoft.

But things like this
would make you wonder

Personally I think Little Big Planet was much more enjoyable then mario.

GWAVE3590d ago

@ ftwps3

So neither Sony nor Media Molecule made the claim that Sackboy "is the next Mario"? It was independent media outlets, correct? Got it.

CaseyRyback_CPO3590d ago (Edited 3590d ago )

Sell as many units as say Gran Turismo, Final Fantasy, Nintendogs, WiiFit etc, then start talking about how your uber franchise is on the level of star wars. Even then, its ridiculous but at least you can qualify. How can you pat yourself on the back for spending Thirty Million Dollars on advertising a video game, then sell less than other franchises that don't spend that much? Its insane.

The Games are good, but come on.. a Movie..."Dlc" "10-year Plan". Quite frankly the only person in the position to boast about anything Star Wars related, is Nintendo, and shockingly enough. They don't.

MS/Epic needs to look at some gaming history/other franchises or something.. Its just getting delusional all things considered. -- I think most people are aware of the records halo has sold, but again. Compared to other franchises, the total units moved comes well under other franchises that could call themselves "star wars worthy?" What the hell does that even mean. This entire idea is just stupid.

Foxgod3590d ago

They are hardly obsessive to bring the next pop icon, this game sold enough to be considered an icon.
Since a company rely's on sales, they are just trying to take advantage of it by pushing its success.

DA_SHREDDER3590d ago

Hahahaha,,,,,,,, bwa hahahaha.. Is this dude serious? Do any sane people actually work at Epic? They should just forget about gears and work on the next Unreal Tournament. You know , the game that kept the company alive for so many years.

phosphor1123590d ago

everyone at Epic has an inferiority lightsaber? HAH! My ass.

JokesOnYou3590d ago (Edited 3590d ago )

Yeah those damm people at Epic, why are the so excited about a great franchise like Gears? Why are they setting lofty goals and high expectations for Gears in the future? Only Jaffe is allowed to have an "Ego" and Kojima/sony exclusive devs are allowed speak out about their future intentions and many times do you have to be told none of your aspirations are valid unless they involve the ps logo, don't let this happen again Epic, you know the rules.


Max Power3590d ago (Edited 3590d ago )

its ok to promote your game but to compare the lancer to a lightsaber is ridiculous. If you go up to any schmoe and show them a picture of a light saber they will be able to tell you what it is, but not with the Lancer. Hell even the sounds from the light saber are more iconic that anything that epic can achieve. perhaps if they go more mainstream and become easily recognizable to all ages, and demographics then yes perhaps near light saber level, but that will not happen, at least in my opinion.

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Kugar773590d ago

this guys has quite an ego, enough with the star wars/GeOW+Halo comparisons

Bad_Karma3590d ago (Edited 3590d ago )

i just dont know what to say to that ...ridiculous

lokiroo4203590d ago

HOw long are you going to keep the genitalia in your avatar?

Bad_Karma3590d ago

Why ? does the little monkey bother you ?

fafoon3590d ago (Edited 3590d ago )

But a Lightsabre it is not

thats_just_prime3590d ago

I agree. I dont think any waepon will ever top the lightsaber in pure coolest. One of the biggest parts of the lightsaber is the way it sounds and bullets and a chainsaw just dont sound cool

MicroSony4Life3590d ago

The Lancer is the Saber killer...EPIC FAIL...I think wolverines titanium claws were the saber killer or that little robot that electric whips you on metal gear solid 4.

CobraKai3589d ago

In terms of pop culture icons, no way in hell is a Lancer the new lightsaber. Everyone, their mother, and their grandmother knows what a lightsaber is, and only a select few know what a Lancer is.

In terms of use as a weapon, the lightsaber is elegant, precise, efficient, and takes a depth of skill to master without cutting your gonads off. The lancer is a grunts' weapon designed for pointing and shooting. You can cut through a hoard of Locusts with a lightsaber in the time it takes to cut through one Locust with a lancer.

TheColbertinator3590d ago

What about Unreal Tournament? :(


Foxgod3590d ago

I would love to see a new unreal instead, if they put the same approach to Unreal as to GeOw, then the series could shine like it did in the past.

When it was still the die hard rival of quake 2.

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