7 Things SONY Can Do In 2009 to Ensure Dominance

Since the start of the current generation of gaming SONY has taken a beating in sales, public opinion and the media. Even though the Playstation 3 (PS3) has sold over 21 million worldwide consoles in 2 years and Blu Ray (BR) is moving along at a good pace given the economy, we still see the "doom and gloom" PS3 articles. PS3 owners are on the cusp of one of the biggest, if not the biggest game of 2009 in Killzone 2 and still articles are rampant with the SONY's demise.

The PS3 is already on its way to becoming king again, even if it is going to take time (that's why Playstation brands have a 10 year life cycle). Here are 7 things that would propel the PS3 even closer and past its competition, and that all PS3 owners, including myself would welcome with open arms.

The list after the jump.

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Darkseider5221d ago

The authoer lists 7 points and all of which are pretty much obvious and have been mulled over and spoken about for some time. The only thing that is pretty much a who cares in my mind is #3 on the list about a Blockbuster/iTunes partnership. The Sony video store on PSN is pretty damned stocked with good stuff. The other 6 are obvious things Sony have been doing and a couple that NEED to be done, price cut and advertising.

jrsenkbe5221d ago

I was aware that some of the information was repeated, however most times when you see articles like this, the author is saying that if sony doesnt do these things they are done.

I believe these are 7 things to ensure the PS3's dominance.

Timberland2K95220d ago

I agree with this article 150% sony is still gonna dominate this year

PS3isBUST5220d ago

I don't know what Sony put in the PS3 that makes it drain all their finances but whatever it was, it had nothing to do making superior games.

That's been the problem with PS3 since launch, superior price tag, same games.

PS3 failing on all fronts, profit and market share. Time to pull the plug.

XxSpiiKeZxX5220d ago

Although almost everyone can agree that 80% of the points the article makes had been mentioned over time and repeated...

BUt u did like the idea of improving the gamercard...It would also be cool if it were linked with that way you can customize it the way you want to...

I dont think SONY would drop 100$ in one shot perhaps 50$ or sumtin

But the article does make the biggest point and that is that all ps3 if not all are happy since it doesnt cause any problems unlike the 360 which is annoying wen your console fails..

silvacrest5220d ago

"I don't know what Sony put in the PS3 that makes it drain all their finances"

its called a blu-ray player

btw your trolling to hard, it needs to be more natural, let your hate flow subtlely, ask why dis for tips if needed

ps921175220d ago

I agree in one, sony does not loose money on superior games cause they don't need to buy them from someone because they have 20 self owned developers as for pull plug like they do to 1/3 of 360s well ps3 is out selling is half price competitor in eu and jp and bd is sort of winning over dvd so it be kind of stupid to pull the plug. lol I know you mad for you hd dvd but no need to be ignorant bout it.

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Antan5220d ago

Only needs one.............Price.

interrergator5220d ago

and market there games like bonkers

komp5220d ago

it would shake the tree a bit more :)

ash_divine5220d ago

though the author is asking a bit too much with some of them(such #3 and #6).

ultimolu5220d ago

I agree with most of them.

cmrbe5220d ago

bring the manufacturing cost down.

That should be Sony's main priority.

In order to drop the price or be more profitable Sony needs to drop the manufacturing cost of the PS3.

Game lineup is set.

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