Sega releasing a new games console? Worst. Idea. Ever


"Sega hasn't been involved in the home console market for seven years now, after deciding to call it a day when the Dreamcast bombed quite spectacularly. But there is now speculation that the company could be planning a return to the scene of its greatest triumphs. Seriously, a new Sega console? Worst. Idea. Ever.

Sega was, at one time, the pinnacle of the games industry. Who can forget those heady days when it was Sega versus Nintendo; Sonic versus Mario (not at the Olympics), and neither Sony or Microsoft had even entered the race. And then it all went slightly pear-shaped for Sega."

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qface643539d ago (Edited 3539d ago )

sega is loosing money and letting allot of employees go as well as closing down a bunch of arcades

where would they get the funding for such a large scale operation not to mention without the financial support they get from wii/ps3/360 they would just be knocking on bankruptcies door

at least the way i see it

Kulupoo3539d ago

worst idea for the game company.
but i love my dreamcast, so i wouldnt mind another sega console; however i dont see that likely to happen

phantomshadow3539d ago

I'm pretty sure I can find ideas worse than Sega releasing a new home console.

Also, the article was pretty boring.

panasonic233539d ago

some one seem scare that sega might make come back

Pennywise3539d ago

There is not enough room for four. Or money.

somekindofmike3539d ago

Your right, there physically isn't enough room under my TV for four consoles!

pippoppow3539d ago

Out of the 3 main consoles I wouldn't mind MS leaving and Sega coming back next gen. Would love to see next gen sequels to some of their classic series. They would have to risk it all most likely which means it's unlikely. Although if they keep coming out with high quality titles like VC but with better sales, then maybe they may have the funds to really give it a go next gen. I think many people over the years have realised how good Sega was for the gaming industry and would welcome them back. The question is, would it be a low, mid or high end system and what features it would bring.

WLPowell3539d ago

Is they might actually finish the shenmue trilogy. Other than that, I just don't know. Sonic's dead to me. maybe condemned and valkaria series' can see a lot of whored out concepts.

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The story is too old to be commented.