Race Pro Demo Cancelled?

Autogaming writes: "Last week I posted a story about Race Pro's demo coming to XBL on the 6th. However this didn't happen."

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killzone2flop3564d ago

What the F*ck is going on Microsoft....i want my demo you ass holes now. I'm not spending full price for the game until i've tested out the demo.

Pennywise3564d ago

Thats probably why this piece of junk never hit demo status. Demos can hurt just as much as they can help.

Captain Lip3563d ago

take your fanboy comment and shove it up your a$$

you obviously havent raced an atari sim before have you? you just made a real d!ck of yourself.

Speed-Racer3564d ago

Either MS or Atari is totally BSing us... they better not mess up the real game.