New Xbox achievement site looks to standardize accomplishments

The team behind a new achievement tracking website called TrueAchievements is very, very angry. The reason: Achievements and their Gamerscore aren't really standardized, meaning that Gamerscore isn't a true depiction of a person's gaming talent. So, TrueAchievements did something about their frustrations.

Based on the idea that the harder an achievement is to unlock -- no matter its Gamerscore value -- the more points it should be worth. Using a formula that takes into account how many players unlocked a specific achievement compared to the game's total population, a difficulty multiplier is calculated. The multiplier is figured into the game's Gamerscore and, presto! A new, more accurate way to calculate a person's skill has been developed.

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Nineball21123564d ago

but isn't this what trophies do on PSN?

"Based on the idea that the harder an achievement is to unlock -- no matter its Gamerscore value -- the more points it should be worth."

So, someone is trying to get Achievements to calculate more like Trophies?

GrieverSoul3564d ago (Edited 3564d ago )

Youre not looking at the all picture here but you have a point.

If a PLATINUM trophy is awarded then they know youre good in that particular game but it might be a easy game to platinum. This article talks about an achivement calculation thats based on how many people have it! Its a good idea actually. But the trophys system does something similar, the Level Up feature! I have less than 500 trophies right now but Im already level 10! Some guys have like 600 or 700 trophies but are the same level as me. Also they have like 20 games in their library with an average 50% completion. I have 9 games with 8 at 100%.

Bottom line, this guys idea is actually good but, in a way, the PS3 already as it!

Nineball21123564d ago

Thanks for the reply Griever. Yeah, I thought that Trophies were trying to accomplish something similar, but I wasn't 100% sure.

It seems that this calculation is trying to get at the same thing, but in a different way.

Bubbles for your response!

komp3564d ago

Yes that is exactly how it works on PSN. As expected bronze has less of a value compared to platinum.
Each trophy has a value % and if SONY really had a "gamercard" system it would be based on points not purely the Trophy count.

TBH as a side spam sorry look at this site

as you can see if you click on my name (currently 15th) youll be taken to a break down of percentages per game.. and you can also see the PS3 Trophy Leaderboard is based on points and not count of trophies.

Dannagar3564d ago

Interesting... I'll have to keep an eye on this site.

marichuu3564d ago

...the slowest site in history of the internet :P
Been waiting for hours to see my achievements go in ;<

The Judderman3564d ago

Most players know what games what games have the easy and hard achivements so its a quick look at the profile is all they need.
Ive found most players don'r really bother about it once they hit over ten thousand though.

N4Garbage3564d ago

Hence why XBL has the Compare Achievements option.

It's easy to see what you have accomplished and what the other guy hasn't in the click of a button.

This site is hella slow btw why go through the anguish.