Graphics: Style and Photorealism

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"Gamers are fond of comparing screenshots, so I'd like you to look at two images. The first is a screenshot from Crysis, a FPS currently in production by FarCry developer Crytek. This image is an impressive demonstration of the level of facial detail that Crytek's new engine will be capable of:

This next portrait might not be what you expect. It is a canvas by Pre-Raphaelite artist Dante Gabriel Rossetti, entitled Beata Beatrix:

I understand that a side-by-side comparison is complicated by the fact that the two portraits were created for very different purposes: Crytek is looking to show off the capabilities of their newest technology, which must render many frames of continuous video in real-time, while Rossetti only had to create a single-frame representation of one moment of rapture. Still, I think it would instructive to consider a few questions as we look at this portraits..."

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