GamerVision: inFamous Hands-On

In case you're wondering, there are two open-world super-powered original intellectual properties scheduled for a 2009 release. You've likely confused them at least one time before, and they are very different games. One, being developed by Radical Entertainment and slated for a multiplatform release is Prototype, which features a mutated Alex Mercer running around New York City. inFamous is not that game. inFamous, being developed by Sucker Punch and slated for a PlayStation 3 exclusive release, stars an electrocuted Cole McGrath running around Empire City. You might want to write this down.

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SupaPlaya3593d ago (Edited 3593d ago )

Which game are you more excited for?

a) Prototype
b) inFamous

Please state your reasons and what features are you most looking forward to.

Cajun Chicken3592d ago (Edited 3592d ago )

a. Prototype - Because I've been waiting for it for ages and even tracked it before the Activision 'shuffle' before it left Sierra and I needed more Crackdown like gameplay.

Infamous also looks great (and does look graphically better), but Prototype stole my attention first, but who cares? The PS3 gets 'em both.


Prototype -


1. Looks insane
2. Hi-jack vehicles
3. A game that puts the game mechanics of Kirby and Crackdown can't be a bad thing
4. Consuming people
5. The army
6. Plot
7. The crazy acrobatics
8. The suggested stealth once stealing peoples forms
9. Looked essentially like a darker Crackdown

Main Negative;

Might be fast to complete. Due to all the insane powers.

Infamous -

1. Graphics
2. Duck/Cover/Lock on mechanics
3. Platforming elements
4. Looks to have a better storyline
5. I like 'Heroes' which Infamous has been compared to
6. Being a badass or good guy, especially in different sectors.
7. I like the way that elecricity isn't just Cole's power, its also his weakness (water). Reminds me of the movie 'Unbreakable'.
8. The thrill of the parkour
9. Promises to be immersive with the install not at the beginning of the gameplay

Main Negative;

Seems like Cole can't drive vehicles, might be a bit old fashioned to have an open world game without the ability to drive vehicles, even Crackdown allowed you to drive vehicles.

I'm tied really. Bound to change when both games come out.