Top Seven iPhone Apps

Ammonator writes, "In an effort to broaden the scope of what we offer here at Thoughts of a Random Gamer, here is a list of the top seven Non-Apple Apps I use on my iPhone. This piece is not designed to convince you to get any of these apps or an iPhone, my goal is purely informative. So without any further ado, on to my top seven Non-Apple iPhone Apps. Also, forgive the censoring of the images, some of my friends would probably not appreciate their information just placed on the Internet...."

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CrAppleton3562d ago

I hate seeing all these great things about the iPhone.. cause I can't afford one.. haha

bgrundman3562d ago

I know, it kills me that I can't afford one either. However, when i bought the PS3 instead, I think I made the right decision. :)

CrAppleton3562d ago

LOL.. yes.. I would say so

meepmoopmeep3562d ago

wait for my App.

it's going to run PS3 games on your iPhone!!!



CrAppleton3562d ago

The Apps do look awesome though!

killyourfm3562d ago

You guys should check out the original Imangi, which in my opinion is better than Word squares. Really great list overall!

Didn't Shazam make you drop your jaw the first time you used it? Software magic...

bgrundman3562d ago

Alot of these games are really showing what these independent developers can do, when they have a clean slate and time to be creative. It is a great medium for development.

bgrundman3562d ago

Do you think that this will be the platform that pushing the limits of gaming, or will it continue to be the Nintendo DS?

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