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Two snippets of new content slated for release on Thursday 12th. First up is Ninja costumes coming to the mall, and news of a contest in involving the new Gamer Lounge. In addition to this it has been announced the six short films, from the PlayStation Shoot series will be coming to the Home Theatre.

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Myst3540d ago

That sounds pretty cool and that picture looks interesting :), haven't tried home yet, but I do definitely want to try it once I have time. To many games coming out and to many back logs of games for me to jump on. :(

mindedone3540d ago

if we could move around like ninjas...

I'd love to sneak behind people with my katana, throw smoke bombs, kick people in their faces, etc.

bassturd3540d ago

they should make it where you unlock costumes in Home for getting platinum trophies for games. Like you get that Killzone outfit for preordering at Amazon. Why not make it an unlockable if you get a platinum trophy?

That would be nice IMO as a way to further connect Home to the games and give a little more incentive to get trophies.

Chubear3540d ago

This is why people keep telling the naysayers that as time goes on this PSN feature will be massive. There's way tonnes of stuff HOME will be doing in the near future and beyond.

Godmars2903540d ago

When you can get people to pay for it?

bassturd3540d ago

Ya I know they would more likely just sell the costumes on PS store. Which sux. Just a thought if they want to put it on another level than their competition (achievements).

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The story is too old to be commented.