Windows 7 Windows Media Player 12, Play To and Media Compatibility

Windows 7 is Microsoft's way of saying "We <3 Media." Even other people's formats-notably Apple favorites H.264 and AAC-are supported in the new OS, which comes with the newest Windows Media Player, version 12. But the biggest multimedia upgrade is Play To, a little WMP feature that eclipses all the rest.

Windows Media Player is never going to be the prettiest girl in school, but Windows 7 gives it a few upgrades that definitely makes it more useful.

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Ronnie073539d ago

Thing i found annoying with win7 was how the video thumbnails generated are like in xp (ie 1st frame - pointless) hope thats not how the final version will be

DavidMacDougall3539d ago

Stopped using Windows Media years ago

TIKUP3539d ago

is windows media player12 exclusivly for windows 7??
please dont let it be

Viper73539d ago

gotta say that eventough I havent been exactly happy with microsofts products for a while. MSN and Windows media player are pretty good.

Theres been multiple times when bsplayer or something similar stops working on files of specific type and Windows media player comes and saves the day.