Xbox 360 game Crackdown cracks top 30 in Japan

Sales for Microsoft Corp.'s Crackdown cracked the top 30 software sales in Japan in the latest retail sales data for the region. Media Create Co. on Fri. reported that Crackdown debuted at a respectable No. 21 between Feb. 19 and Feb. 25. The open-world action title is the sole Xbox 360 software title in the top 30 game sales.

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Arkham4252d ago

Good job! Especially in Japan. Well deserved.

HuntingYou4252d ago

I haven;t played this, but is it a hip hop game?

InMyOpinion4252d ago

It's not a hiphop game. The music featured in the game is mostly ambient/electro with the exception of one chicano rap tune.

THAMMER14252d ago

because the box art has a BLACK MAN on it?

Covenant4251d ago

Well, in his defense, most urban action games have hip-hop/rap soundtracks. I understand part of your point, tho: I'm amazed at how many people come into my BB store looking for a black artist (Corinne Bailey Rae, for example) and assume they must be in the rap section.

xfrgtr4252d ago

GUNDAM ---120k sold on 1st day + 30k ps3

Xi4251d ago

a - what does that have to do with crackdown sales.
b - do you have a reliable link for that? I know it didn't do as well in famitsu as people thought it would.

Say's you4252d ago

Lie about this game saying that this game is on top for any gamer
in Japan.

Caxtus7504252d ago


and anyways GTA:SA is very popular in Japan so i believe.

Xi4251d ago

Gears of war sold in japan, and lost planet.

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The story is too old to be commented.