Sony Tackles My 'Uncharted 2' Anxiety List

MTV Multiplayer writes:

"While I enjoyed the first Uncharted game, I - and others - had three key problems with it. I asked the sequel's producer how the new game addresses them.

Sony producer Sam Thompson knows I don't hold back. So I had to make sure that, during a demo of Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, I gave him some tough questions.

So I rattled off the three things that I didn't like about 2007's Uncharted: Drake's Fortune - complaints about the game I'd also heard from other gamers and reporters - to see how they relate to the sequel."

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Xandet3589d ago

It's always great to see a developer learning from their mistakes and listening to their audience to improve a followup game. Guerilla is a prime example of that, and just look at the shift between KZ1 and 2.. I loved Uncharted regardless of any few flaws I found in it, and I can only imagine how much I'll love Among Thieves if those are fixed and improved upon. SO many good games this year; I can't wait!