First PSP/Home Connectivity Details Revealed writes:

"According to this poorly translated web page, it has been announced that Namco Bandai's PSP sim game The Idol Master SP, will offer some kind of connectivity with PlayStation Home.

From what we can make out from the article it seems that during your play-through of Idol Master SP, you unlock "rewards" for use in Home. It also looks as though Home will import avatars from Idol Master judging from the picture after the jump…"

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Darkseider3537d ago

Now that's some cool sh1t! PSP connectivity and use in Home would be just one more feather in Sony's cap. Very cool indeed.

Sev3537d ago

I just hope that Sony chooses to do things like this for more interesting games.
I don't think I could get into IdolMaster SP...

-EvoAnubis-3537d ago

Agreed. This game isn't my particular brand of cognac, so I don't see me getting too excited about it. But if they add that to some game I actually plan on buying . . . well, I guess that's a win.

StalkingSilence3537d ago

Sev, I'm with you on the game's content. Very selective when it comes to PSP games. But looking forward to more PSN integration (read: trophies) on the PSP.

faisdotal3537d ago

This'll probably go along with other unused PSN features.

- Game Launching

- Youtube Recording

- PSN Presence Data

- And now "Rewards" will probably be unused aswell unless Mandated.

It's funny how Home doesn't support some other stuff. Will deffo get Resi 5 for that "Rewards" stuff though.

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Skyreno3537d ago

Sweet Glad psp is in ^^ hope more games are like that

wolfehound223537d ago

hopefully they expand more on this