PS3Hype Impression: Killzone 2

Last week, the Killzone 2 demo launched on the PlayStation Store. The expectations for this game on Dutch soil are very high, so a demo could be a wrong set of Sony. After the demo 20 times have played, I thought PS3Hype needs an impression of this demo. So here he is!

Optional Information:
This impression is based on the Killzone 2 demo. Published on the PSS by SCEA. An full preview we will publish after 11 February.

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Joey Greco RULES3590d ago

i smell a weiner.
did you guys see that>>> roger has no idea yet.

Joey Greco RULES3590d ago (Edited 3590d ago )

I appreciate it so much.
Always nice to meet a fan.

lol. i would hate to be the real joey greco. that guy gets stabbed a lot by angry cheating hubbys.