DLC Announced for Call of Duty: World at War

New Downloadable Content has been announced today for Call of Duty: World at War, which will be released in March.

"New conflicts are on the horizon for Call of Duty: World at War! We're pleased to introduce the contents of our first Downloadable Content (DLC) Map Pack for World at War, which includes three new Multiplayer levels, as well as an additional level for the ever-popular bonus Co-Op mode, Nazi Zombies!"

Details on the map pack:

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DA_SHREDDER3540d ago

3 maps, 1 zombie map? Thats it? I wanted some more guns and I wont be buying anything till then.

jammy_703540d ago

o yeah.... more money....

ambientFLIER3540d ago

Because the game came out in November. It is now February, about 4 months later. Content created today cannot magically appear on the game disc in the past.

Sharpshell3540d ago

LOL bubbles dudes that made me laugh so hard... I don't much love DLC either but lets be rational with our dissent LOL

chrisjc3540d ago

yea. They still haven't said whether or not it's free yet either!

DA_SHREDDER3540d ago

It wont be free. Which is fine, but we really need some more weapons.

pangitkqb3540d ago

to see another zombie map coming. It might be a small map-pack, but it sounds well done.

killzone2flop3540d ago

As long as we Xbox360 owners get extra content i don't mind.

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The story is too old to be commented.