Americas Sales for the Week Ending January 31, 2009

The week ending January 31, 2009 saw a rise in console sales compared to both the previous year and the previous week. Total video game hardware sales grew 31% from the previous week due to replenishing product supply and the distribution of tax rebate checks. Wii sold nearly 320,000 units to lead, nearly three times the volume of any other console and close to ten times the volume of what PS2 sold for the week. Even the DS was topped by Wii by 33%. Sony's PS3 saw only a 12,000 unit jump in sales from the previous week, allowing Microsoft's Xbox 360 to outsell PS3 by 80% this week.

Wii - 318,863
DS - 240,014
XBox 360 - 116,543
PSP - 87,189
PS3 - 65,269
PS2 - 31,542

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Capt CHAOS5405d ago

Wait there.. I head a trampeed.. Here they come..

chrisnick5405d ago

but i think sony needs to discontinue the ps2, they're making money of it and selling alot of consoles with the 3 combined, but i think its hurting ps3 sales. Then again, if they're still not making a profit off of the ps3 i know they are with the ps2 and psp...but i think in america at least...it may be time for them to umm..."microsoft" the old black beast.

Nuch Vader5405d ago

Yeah, they should discontinue Playstation 2 and re-implement Backward compatibility into Playstation 3.

JhawkFootball065405d ago

Seems like xbox 360 is always ahead of ps3 in sales....thats a good thing

Voiceofreason5405d ago

He means "Stampede", just excuse him. Sony fan trying to take away from what the article is saying because Sony is in last place yet again.
When PS3 is winning though he'll be here to cheer it on and talk about how important those sales numbers are when they reflect well on his chosen console.

Pennywise5405d ago

Oh the typical crowd is here. No doubt.

Well, 360 sold more. It is the bestest console in the whole entire worldzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Better?

Kushan5405d ago

Discontinuing the PS2 won't do them any good at all. Do the maths, even if you assumed that if the PS2 was discontinued, anyone who was about to buy it bought a PS3 instead, it still wouldn't have outsold the 360. Combined sales of the PS3 and PS2 are 96,811.
Sony actually makes money off the PS2's hardware, so they're not dumping it any time soon - and nor should they.

cereal_killa5405d ago

chrisnick & Nuch Vader

I have to disagree its the profits of the PS2 and PSP that is keeping the PS3 from going into more debt until they can get manufacturing cost down to turn a profit on its own the PS2 should stay.

SRU96005405d ago

I thought Killzone 2 was going to sell consoles? :D

Oh well, there is always (insert overhyped game here).

PirateThom5405d ago

Killzone 2 isn't out for 3 weeks...:-/

gamesmaster5405d ago (Edited 5405d ago )

wonder what worldwide sales figures will be like, very differant to these i would think.

but then again america is the only country in the world isn't it?

iHEARTboobs5405d ago (Edited 5405d ago )

The game isn't even out yet, genius. If you really want to see if it sold consoles you'd have to look at the end of Feb, and march sales.

@Voice: Being a tool isn't cool.

edit: @SRU9600 - Yeah i've heard it's supposed to move some consoles. But usually, if a game is credited with moving consoles it's within the time period of the games release.

SRU96005405d ago (Edited 5405d ago )

The hype alone was supposed to move millions of PS3's, hadn't you heard?

soxfan20055405d ago

"Killzone 2 isn't out for 3 weeks...:-/"

It's not out yet? But I thought it had already been crowned game of the year, decade, and century already?

Joey Greco RULES5405d ago (Edited 5405d ago )

normally I would say "oh man, its just vgchartz, ignore it and wait for NPD".
But lately, NPDs numbers have shown even BIGGER gaps between the 3, which is even worse news for the Sony kids out there.

Anyway, like I said, NOTHING NEW HERE. Call that a fanboy comment if you like, but if you check the past history of the sales charts, you'll see the trend. Thats a fact, not an opinion. Get over it.

And If sony wants to make some more money, they could start by making EVERY PS3 backwards compatible with PS2. Its not a solution, but its a start. (and no, im not saying scrap the ps2 either)

SRU96005405d ago

"but then again america is the only country in the world isn't it?"

No, just the only one that matters.

soxfan20055405d ago

The US is not the only country that matters, but it is, by FAR, the largest as far as sales. The US alone accounts for 30-40% of all worldwide sales - no other country even comes close.

SRU96005405d ago (Edited 5405d ago )

That was my point, soxfan2005.

For that reason, american gamer's desires drive the market.

gamesmaster5405d ago (Edited 5405d ago )

"american gamer's desires drive the market."

"its just the only country that matters"

yeah........ 30 to 40% of the gaming market is the only bit that matters, that other +60% is irrelevant.

ignorance is bliss

SRU96005405d ago (Edited 5405d ago )

America pwns the world.

Deal with it.

Bladestar5405d ago (Edited 5405d ago )

@gamesmaster - yeah... because Sony controls 100% of the %60 the other region represent. Right?

Let's also not forget that a developer rather the 40% you are trying to undermined are under one set of rules and 1 language. The 60% you are referring to represent many languages and regions many of which some developers do not even ship their games to. Many games do not even come out in countries like Germany.

You are not looking at the big picture.

At developer can make 1 game in English and capture 40% of the game industry not to mention the UK and other English speaking countries which is kind of funny but the xbox 360 kind of controls over the PS3...

Yeah.. sure the PS3 sales well in Japan, Germany, Spain and other countries... but developer also have to spend a ton of money localizing those games, shipping it and dealing with each government set of rules and bans.

You have to do a little more reading when it comes to global marketing. You have a better chance of generating more revenue by selling a product to the same target audience and demographic than to try to market it a bunch of people from different countries and cultures. 100 console and games at a time. This is why Kill Zone 2 will never sell as much as Halo 3 can. Because FPS appeals more to the west and the PS3 does not lead in the west.

I do not have to try to explain this much... why do you think the PS3 is on 3rd? Did you know that Sony sold 60-70% of all PS2 games and consoles in the US?

You see.. it's proven the xbox 360 can still be on top of the PS3 without Japan, Germany and France... lol... that's the case now... but the PS3 will always be on 3rd unless they control the US and the UK region since they represent the biggest pie.


@gamesmaster - now you sound desperate. Where in my comment do I say, "but to say its the only one that matters is just plain ignorant."? Which is strange because you kind of, "i get your point that usa is the most significant market,"..

the point I am trying to make is. The US is the most significant region for the game industry and as proven this generation. The xbox 360 does not need Japan, Germany or France to beat the PS3 in terms of global sales.

If Sony want to move up the ladder and not stay on 3rd they are going to have to beat the xbox 360 in UK and the US. Period.

gamesmaster5405d ago (Edited 5405d ago )

what are you talking about, where does microsoft and sony come in to mine and sru's debate..

we're talking about regions and what market impact they have, dont bring your console war to me, i dont want to hear it.

where did i say 60% is sony, when did i even mention sony? are you seeing things? and what you think that 40% usa market is purely micosoft. get over yourself.

from sru's post it was clear that he thinks the rest of the world is irrelevant i was pointing out that it clearly isn't. take your fanboy goggles off and realise that not everybody is in MS or sony's corner.

EDIT: i get your point that usa is the most significant market, but to say its the only one that matters is just plain ignorant.

EDIT: why are you talking about ps3 and xbox sales? it was never even part of my debate, this is my point, i just said that console sales figures are irrelivant to mine and sru's debate yet thats all you EVER talk about. just stop. I AGREE THAT USA IS MOST SIGNIFICANT MARKET!!!! i'm saying that you cant ignore the rest of the world. what is your problem? do you view everyone as either ps3 or xbox fanboys? i feel sorry for you.

this is the bottom line, and this is where you have completely missed my point.

usa is most significant market, but to ignore the rest of the worlds markets is short sighted. to which you reply, blah blah xbox sales blah blah 3rd place ps3 blah blah blah WHAT THE **** DOES THAT HAVE TO DO WITH MY POINT!

Strikepackage Bravo5405d ago

should not discontinue the PS2 because right now it is competing with the 360 arcade. If they drop the PS2 those buyers will go to the Arcade, not the PS3.

People in the market for a 150 to 200 dollar console don't just go pickup 400 to 500 dollar consoles on a whim.

heroicjanitor5405d ago

Also MS controls 100% of America. Sony has a bigger share of the rest of the world. Microsoft has a bigger share in America. But 360 was out a year earlier.