Microsoft gets 10,000th patent

The software maker, which stepped up its rush to the patent office five years ago, has reached a milestone, having received its 10,000th U.S. patent earlier this month.

The efforts have propelled Microsoft to the upper echelon among patent filers, though IBM still gets more patents issued than any other company. Last year, Big Blue became the first company to have 4,000 patents issued in a single year.

Microsoft, meanwhile, has risen to the top 5 among patent recipients and for the last two years has topped a key ranking of overall patent portfolio strength

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Darkseider3589d ago

About 9,000 or so are completely empty and useless patents unenforcable in a court of law. IBM although having slews of patents actually patent REAL processes and products unlike MS who patent crap. Oooh well the US Patents Office is a mockery anyway.

Lord Anubis3589d ago

I agree with you on the US Patent office. Too bad there are lots of companies that only have patents to sue the competitors. Like Rambus that only makes a living by suing RAM companies. :( although they do come up with really good technologis. XDR RAM but so expensive :(