WorthPlaying Review - 'The House of the Dead: Overkill'

WP writes: "When the original House of the Dead debuted in arcades more than a decade ago, it established a franchise that, along with Virtua Cop and Time Crisis, helped set the standard for light gun shooters for years to come. Offering multiple paths, challenging boss battles and (sometimes unintentional) humor, the games looked good and played well. Last year's House of the Dead 2 & 3 Return brought home two of the arcade games to the Wii in a single package. Although the ports were basic, they stood out in one important aspect - the games included a calibration setting that made using the Wiimote feel a whole lot like using an actual light gun.

For House of the Dead: Overkill, Sega took a different approach. Rather than do a basic port of an arcade game, it partnered with a developer new to the series and developed the first House of the Dead game designed exclusively for the home market. It was a risk, but after playing through the game, it's one that has paid off admirably. With Overkill, Headstrong Games merged the classic shooting action of the franchise with a heavy helping of <a href="">grindhouse</a> pulp to produce a prequel that is canon in terms of story, but a complete reboot in terms of style."

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PS360WII3590d ago

Very nice. For a light gun game House of the Dead is doing decent with the reviews :)