The Leisure Lab: Killzone 2 Review

There's loads of pressure on Killzone 2 – it's the highly-anticipated, big-budget follow-up to a PS2 game that promised much, but fell short of expectation. It's a good job, then, that Killzone 2 has serious 'wow' factor – you get impeccably directed, visceral and violent cutscenes, massive, 7.1 surround sound, and awesome, playable set-pieces.

However, the first half of the game struggles to balance the mix of firing from cover with run-and-gun tactics, suffers from samey environments, and doesn't quite pull you into the story. From Saluman Bridge level, everything starts to fall into place, and the game makes much more sense during the second half. The controls are lacking a little in accuracy and response when compared to the very best first-person shooters, but stick with it and Killzone 2 does (eventually) reward your commitment.

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baraka0073539d ago

Is it just me or does this guy seems kind of upset that the game is good...?

rroded3539d ago

well i only got the demo but the controls are tight sure your not controlling a super speed metahuman but thats just makes it more interesting imo...

Socomer 19793539d ago

can you believe it?

just a couple of weeks now until killzone 2 is yours.