Microsoft Plans Free Xbox Live (for GTA IV)

Xboxist writes:

"We can see this move potentially backfiring for the Redmond company, however. Like the days of Perestroika, once gamers get a taste of the good life, they might not be so eager to go back to the old gulag of paid online service. Hopefully this opens the door for future online demo offers to coincide with the release of new titles, leading to the eventual liberation of Xbox live for all. Microsoft, tear down that wall!"

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clinker3535d ago

Awesome, 5 days free lol.

majorsuave3535d ago

"however. Like the days of Perestroika, once gamers get a taste of the good life, they might not be so eager to go back to the old gulag of paid online service."

WTF? I am already willing to pay a little less than 20¢ a day. Make me save a little less than a dollar and I won`t be THAT pissed off the day you say I have to toss 20¢ again.

Cryos3535d ago

What are you, a M$ rep? it's either that or a somebody that loves corporate kool-aid. seriously, you're gonna go with the PR tactic of "per day"? I have to push that kind of BS at my sales job, and it's not fun, and more times than not, something comes down from corporate like that and nothing good happens. either the customer is pissed, or the employees get pissed.

PR BS like that takes away from people's understanding of what they are paying, and getting. Guess what, that could be a credit card payment, or 1 extra game a year.

Oh, and your rationale for the payment? you might as well say "I'm used to getting it in the rear, so If they used lube....." You're still getting screwed. You should hope this opens their eyes, and they offer a more current, competitive online pricing structure.

doG_beLIEfs3535d ago (Edited 3535d ago )

"WTF? I am already willing to pay a little less than 20¢ a day. Make me save a little less than a dollar and I won`t be THAT pissed off the day you say I have to toss 20¢ again."

You break down a price enough and of course it SEEMS small. Rationalize all you want but in the end you still pay $50 a YEAR which over 4 years (lifespan of Xbox) you pay an additional $200 dollars to your original price of $200, $300, $400, or $500. Let's do the math...
$200+$200=$400, $200+$300=$500, $200+$400=$600, and $200+$500=$700.

In my opinion this generation will last LONGER than 4 years so you will end up paying even MORE than the above amounts.

Meanwhile the PS3 is $600, $500, or $400....and that's IT.

But like I said, go ahead those of you who rationalize having to pay for the privilege of playing online.

Why some continue to DEFEND a company for azzraping you on a daily basis confounds me.


Beautiful, perfect, nice post. It's funny isn't it? Microsoft fans should be pulling for the PSN to have all of the SAME functions as Live instead of ridiculing it because that would FORCE Microsoft to make Live free.

But nooooooooo, they are to used to getting it up the rear (and enjoying it) to see.

darthv723535d ago

I have seen many time where ms has offered free live weekends. Much like the cable premium channels hbo and shotime do it now and then. I watch the movies on those channels when it is available and yet go back to regular cable when they are over.

free live is nice...$50 yr is tolerable (price of a game). I pay and like what live has to offer. Makes me wonder what more sony could do with their service if it was a paid subscription.

No Way3535d ago (Edited 3535d ago )

It's quite bad, though, if you think $50 a year is a lot..

If you do, or just can't handle the payment, then I'm willing to bet that you are one of those kids that walk with their head down, looking and searching for every penny to put into their piggy bank.. Then smiles in victory.

d--keller3535d ago

I make 100k+ and don't particularly want to pay $40 per year (bought a 12+1 card on sale) to pay Halo.

Is wanting to pay for something that could be free something to brag about? I'll bet you and the other rich kids who can afford ground effects on your Civics are the envy of all the newbs on the Burger King crew.

Joey Greco RULES3535d ago

The Free LIVE Weekends were pretty cool.
Thats how I got hooked on LIVE, and ever since then, I have always been happy to Renew my one-year subscription for 50$.

Arnon3535d ago

"$50 a year is a lot! If you think about it, within 8 years, you could have enough to buy a PS3!"

Do you guys realize how ridiculous you sound? Rofl..

Some guy above me said "Within 4 years, that equates to as much as a arcade 360!" DO YOU REALIZE HOW LONG 4 YEARS IS? Ahahahaha.

Cryos3535d ago (Edited 3535d ago )

*edited out*

That was mean of me, I should try to be nice...... :0/

SCThor3535d ago

Well, I have a PS3...that's why :)

MicroSony4Life3535d ago

At the guy that only makes 100K a year.

N4360G3534d ago

GTA IV? LOL yawn,I'll still with my PS3 and free PSN.

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ape0073535d ago

when home gets the spaces and everything,ms will make live free

cause psn is unbelievable for a free service

wii has a free service,look how @#$% it is

Mr_Bun3535d ago

It would be nice if Live (Gold) were free, but until people stop paying for it, they will keep charging. At least the price of XBL has come down.

militant073535d ago (Edited 3535d ago )

the majority of peoples playing Live have no problem in paying as long its remain the best.

allthough i dont want it to be free if its not going to get better as if it paid.

do you know who complain about paying for live ??

i also own all the 3 consoles.
and im from Qatar

ape0073535d ago

I have all systems,im not baised

and yes xbl is more well rounded than psn

but keep in mind that updates are coming

it's competition,ever company do its best,competion is always better for us

don't get me wrong

btw,you are from ksa?im from ksa

pimp6143535d ago

"do you know who complain about paying for live ??

Very true, it's funny I never heared any 360 owners complaining about about paying for xbox live but I always hear PS3 owners complaining about paying for live.

boodybandit3535d ago (Edited 3535d ago )

I own both the 360 and PS3 and my gaming time is split 65/35 in favor of the 360. I don't like paying for XBL Gold and I know several "adult" gamers that are all over 6 figure salaries that also would prefer XBL to be free. The only reason I mentioned their salaries is to let it be known it's a moral issue and not a financial one.

I agree with Ape when he says XBL is more rounded over PSN but when 3.0 arrives (and if it does what it claims it will) it will be a lot harder for me to justify paying for XBL. I just renewed my XBL account but I only paid $20 for it from Best Buy with an additional $10 off coupon I had.

My only gripe with PSN is voice communication. Once Sony gets on track with that I wont see a need to pay MS any more for XBL. I am a gamer that uses my consoles strictly for gaming, usually online gaming. I could care less about any of the other features either consoles offer.

Times are tough man. Regardless of your income you have to watch your money until the economy bounces back (if it bounces back). Do you think it's just a coincidence that so many retail places are selling XBL for $29.99?

All that being said I doubt MS will ever offer XBL for free. It is way too big a cash cow and there are not enough people out there like me that would hurt their numbers. To be honest if I was MS I wouldn't change it either. Their profit vs. cost ratio is insane off of their XBL service.

gololo3535d ago (Edited 3535d ago ) a PS3/360 owner, and I hate paying for fact i think 360 fanboys are the ones that happily throw money at MS, and still b!tch when ppl demand Live to be free, but the fanboys get all defensive even though ppl are calling to make something FREE...anyways, all I do is go online to play games...and that should be free, so i'd say make silver have access to online gaming, but people that really want to chat, keep trophy stats, and want to have all the bells and whistles, then yeah make them pay, but for me, all i wanna do is play online for free...

doG_beLIEfs3535d ago

We are not complaining....WE ARE LAUGHING!!!

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.....repeat

Cryos3535d ago

I almost kinda sorta agree with that, but I believe you're hearing it more from 3 types of people:

1. Owners of both consoles, that are having a harder and harder time justifying paying for live
2. Potential owners of a 360 that want to play on Live, but can't justify spending money on it (this includes wii and PS3 only owners)
3. PS3 owners that want to gripe, lol

Personally, I fall into category 2. I own both a wii and PS3, and I'd love the chance to play Gears and Fable, and Halo, and L4D, but I would want to play online. I work retail, and have gotten hit hard by the economy. I couldn't justify paying for Live before, now I CERTAINLY can't afford it.

pimp6143535d ago

It's funny that you can afford to buy both system's and buy games but have problem's with paying for XBL, excuses and more excuses keep them coming. If PSN cost, I bet you woudn't be complaing about how much XBL cost. All it is that you are a fanboy and can't stand to give microsoft money.

@ doG beLIEfs

you must be a cackhead lol

nix3535d ago (Edited 3535d ago )

we do because we think you guys are getting shafted.
we do hoping that you will one day open your eyes and bring up the issue with MS
we do it for your betterment...

PS3 users have nothing to lose here... but still we do so that you can also enjoy the free MP games. we complain for the RROD issues too... not for us.

but most of the people are so stupid that they take it as a threat and start defending. AND THAT'S WHERE WE LAUGH!!!! ha ha ha... well.. enjoy getting shafted then!

d--keller3535d ago (Edited 3535d ago )

"Very true, it's funny I never heared any 360 owners complaining about about paying for xbox live but I always hear PS3 owners complaining about paying for live."

I've owned a 360 and been a live Gold subscriber since launch and I'm telling you that I'd rather it were free. I'd rather my house was free. I'd rather my car was free too.

What are you, an idiot? I'm waiting for "I wish gas cost $20 a gallon."

gololo3535d ago (Edited 3535d ago )

well...i can afford both consoles, and i am paying for live, what pisses me off is the MS fanboys just take this out of context, I mean what kind of idiot would argue against FREE STUFF!!! Now, yes, the fee for Live translate to less than $1 a day, but why conform with that, for instance look at the old MSN Zone (where you could play PC games for free, like Age of Empires) FOR FREE...and they had the friend list, chats etc...and all of it for free. So, why charge console users for something that was already available for free (even from the same company)? That's what i find annoying, but you know what, I pay for it because at the end of the day i wanna play online so thats the only way. But again, can you explain why ppl arguing that Live should be free get labeled as PS3 fanboys and/or whiners? No instead 360 fanboys argue against FREE service, and are happy to bend over and say "MS you deserve it, here's my money"...

ape0073535d ago


most of the time i open a gamer card,I read the motoo"XBOX LIVE SHOULD BE FREE"

happens like 80% of the time

militant073535d ago

cant you understand.

the majority of live subscriber have no problem in paying AS LONG ITS REMAIN THE BEST


gololo3535d ago (Edited 3535d ago )

you don't seem to understand my point, and is that why not add to Silver the ability to be able to play online? What's the harm? (well the harm is that they loose probably lots of its members) Is not like we are getting dedicated servers (imagine GeoW1/2 running on dedicated that I'd pay for), we are paying for P2P, which is retarded, Gold membership offers all this stuff, but so what? Make online playing free, if you want ur achievement stats, crossgame chatting, and all the goodies, fine, pay for it. Bottom line, playing online has always been free (except subscription based games like WoW) but if I had to pay to play (online) CS, Operation Flashpoint, AoE, then I'd would never got the games in the 1st place...
its like buying a car, and then getting charged to drive it...

militant073535d ago

its not like buying a car

you dont buy live and pay for playing it.

its like renting a car .

Cryos3535d ago

i thought his analogy was spot on.

but how about this instead

it's like buying a car (360) and you can only drive it over 30 if you put premium gas in it (Live). Sure you could still drive it with unleaded, but your not getting everything out of your car.

is that better for you?

Arnon3535d ago

"but keep in mind that updates are coming"

So what you're saying, is that Xbox LIVE will never update again to make itself better? It is at the peak of being the online service? Seriously?

Things that will be added to Xbox Live this year:

Xbox LIVE Primetime - A service that uses the avatar function to play games with thousands at once to win real life prizes.

Xbox LIVE Theater - A service that allows the user to view a Netflix movie, TV show, etc. with up to 7 other friends over Xbox LIVE.

Avatar Store - A place where people can obtain clothing, accessories, and whatever else for their avatars.

I just named 3 major updates coming to Xbox LIVE off of the top of my head. ALSO, I believe Microsoft will add an Application store for people to just be able to download new apps straight to the NXE.

darthv723535d ago

I pay for live and have been since it first came out. I dont think anything of it because it is $50 a year. It isnt like it is $50 a month. I wish my cable/internet was that cheap a month or better yet...a year.

I pay $16 a month for netflix and dont use it every day. Yet I could knowing that I can access all the episodes of 30 rock and heroes through live. I watch them when I am in the mood. Others who don't pay for live may watch it on their ps3 with playon or watch from the comfort of their pc. Nothing wrong with that if that is what you want to do. I can respect that.

Please dont disrespect me if I pay for live and play online whenever I feel like it. I don't use the psn multiplayer as much as others so if sony decided to go the same route to get more $$ for upgrades to the service I wouldnt mind paying NO MORE than live is now.

gololo3535d ago (Edited 3535d ago )

well so you see...features like Xbox LIVE Primetime, Xbox LIVE Theater, Avatar Store are nice features and yes they ARE premium features....but then again, paying to play online, come on? Again I pay for it cuz there is no other way to play online but the fact is that playing MP online has been free all this time except on Live, no matter how u look at yes, if some members like and use those features pay for it, they seem worth it, but paying for MP gaming, no, that is not cool, and again we are paying for P2P MP experience!!!
And I stick to my analogy, its like buying a car, and then getting charged to drive it.
But also look at the content on Live....everything has a cost, arcade games, themes, so, its almost like MS is double dipping sometimes...maybe giants like Netflix should run with the cost of maintaining Live, after all they do get charge for "digital distribution" or whatever fees they get charged...

iHEARTboobs3535d ago

Playing online should be free, whether you think the fee is just or not. If you buy a game with an online component, shouldn't you be able to play that part since you already paid for the game? Sure if they want to charge extra for premium services then go ahead. But playing online should be free. MS knows they wouldn't be able to make as much money though if they didn't charge.

ape0073534d ago

in other words,you buy a game that costs 60$,I paid 60$ for the whole game,including MP

simple as that

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Fishy Fingers3535d ago

So... as an xbox subscriber I imagine MS will add an additional 5 days to my contract? :/

Good news for Silver users though, at least they get a taste.

White-Sharingan3535d ago

doubt that

I mean its only for GTA4, not for the whole Live service

I wish though

Fishy Fingers3535d ago

Yeah I know, I was just being pedantic.

die_fiend3535d ago (Edited 3535d ago )

Lol MS aren't gonna give LIVE away for free just cos they're giving some people a taste. U heard of a trial before?

"when home gets the spaces and everything,ms will make live free"
Yeah right, PM me when MS make it free will ya? It's never gonna happen. MS have more sense than to say "14 million gold subscribers = approx $840 million a year...hmmm let's just throw that away and stop improving our services."
LIVE is booming whichever way you look at it. If people aren't happy to pay for it, then don't. I'm sure Microsoft won't care too much when there are loads of other people (like me) who can easily spare £40 on a sweet service per year.