Gamepro Reviews Motorstorm

Gamepro has posted their review of Motorstorm for the PS3.

"MotorStorm is a magnificent display of what the PS3 can accomplish in terms of graphics and physics. Whether developer Evolution Studios has just cracked the seal on the PS3's potential or completely tapped the system for all it's worth, we don't know, and frankly we don't care because this is one of the best looking and performing console games yet."

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kornbeaner4251d ago

cant wait for the release.

chitown4251d ago

this game is AAA material, cant wait for it

weekapaugh4251d ago

getting this game no matter what...

Sevir044251d ago

Sony is getting on the ball and the games are proving it. Motorstorm is simply the best and chrash racing game, not even ea's burnout can handle it.... lol!!! though i gotta admit i'm iching to see what criterion is doing with burnout 5 for ps3 and xbox 360 .... man it's gonna be a great 2007 for gamers everywhere.... lol!!! keep it coming Sony keep it coming.

Covenant4251d ago

This isn't quite the "killer app" the PS3 needs--it's not a MSG4, GT5, or FFXII--but it will move systems, and gives Sony another AAA title to couple with Resistance as reasons to buy the system. (I love my 360, but bloody hell, I wish I could get this for it). This is going to be a great year for gaming, folks; let's just enjoy it.

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The story is too old to be commented.