Star Ocean 4 get 34/40 in famitsu review

Star Ocean: The Last Hope review score in the latest Famitsu: 9/9/8/8



- reviewer 1 : 9/10, overall it's very well put together with no major faults. battles are deep especially when you factor in side outs and real time character changing. even without installing the game everything loads at a nice pace. whether you find the characters interesting or the game play compelling is something you'll need to discover for yourself but this is certainly a very well made game.

- reviewer 2 : 9/10, the combat is similar to what the previous games in the series offered. you are guaranteed to have fun playing it. the battles are very active with heaps of different moves all used at a fast pace. (hard to make out) boss battles aren't too easy(?) which is great! from creating items to collecting data on monsters, there is so much to do.

- reviewer 3 : 8/10, it's all very well put together and there is nothing that will really trip you up letting you move along at a nice pace. the game also has well paced battles and deep gameplay. the only thing that bothered me really was the camera being a little wonky at times outside of battles especially in dungeons. could the over the top character's personalities end up dividing people on this game to some degree?

- reviewer 4 : 8/10, this game not only gives you the ability to explore many worlds but also has a deep combat system, an easy to understand system of character development and good pacing. you'll enjoy all aspects of this game. i also like the item creation system, private actions, etc. i found the voice acting to be a little lacking but that said this is a game anyone can enjoy.

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Why dis3726d ago

So you'll be getting this?

Cool Hwhip3726d ago

Depends,if I have the time to play through it,yup.

If not,I'm going to buy it once the gaming drought hits.

gaffyh3726d ago

Good score, was thinking of getting this game anyway, so this score just cements my decision. But Famitsu have been wrong before, cos IU sucks.

SaiyanFury3726d ago (Edited 3726d ago )

Good score. Since it was never confirmed an a 360 exclusive, I'll wait for the PS3 version. Believe me, MS and S-E would have confirmed it as an exclusive. Since they didn't I'll wait for the PS3 version.

factory3726d ago

not one mention of story in any of the brief reviews...i thought story was one of the defining purposes of playing jrpg. did they even play the whole game?

GameGambits3726d ago

Star Ocean: The Second Story is still to this day my favorite game of all time. #3 was a big let down in the story department, but hopefully this will be going back to #2s roots more. :)

Too bad Killzone 2 comes out 3 days after this, so I won't be playing SO4 until that Killzone bug wares off a bit. :P

FF7numbaone3726d ago

yea I didn't like 3 either. and that was my first star ocean.

N4Sony3726d ago

Oops, sorry. That'll cost me a bubble.

Black Maverick3726d ago

I guess I'm one of the few people that actually liked Star Ocean 3. The beginning was boring but it really picks up after you leave the first planet. I definitely plan on getting SO4 as well.

N4360G3725d ago

LOL Famitsu is just as reliable as EDGE when it comes to game reviews.

SaiyanFury3725d ago

@ my disagrees

When did either company CONFIRM out loud that SO4 was a 360 exclusive? S-E said that no PS3 version "was planned". Namco said the exact same thing about Eternal Sonata, and now here I am playing it on my PS3. They even went to such lengths to remove any evidence that a PS3 version was coming, not only from their own website but from others. But again, here I am playing it. Microsoft is fast to tout exclusives that the PS3 won't have. They never did as such. Neither did S-E say that a PS3 version will NEVER appear. Disagree, but history has shown that just because a game isn't "planned" doesn't mean that it won't show up.

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Endless_X3726d ago

The score is from main Famitsu, not Famitsu 360.

Graphics Whore3726d ago

Ahhh, Famitsu is iffy with their scores. I'll wait for a western review.

Sarcasm3726d ago

Based on that score, it's right up there with Haze according to Famitsu! Very reliable source of honest reviews!


Graphics Whore3726d ago

Haze got a 34. Did that make Haze any better based on this score? No, I think not.

Western Reviewers have a more rounded opinion of what WESTERN GAMERS want to play.

Japanese culture is in a word, 'weird'. Just quirky.

Sarcasm3726d ago

Right, but if Famitsu cant tell what Western gamers like, and cant tell what Japanese gamers like (see WKC sales). It's safe to say that they're the "Edge" of Japanese publications.


Firstkn1ghT3726d ago

So you want to read a western review for a japanese game? Yeah that makes sense dude.

king dong3726d ago

perhaps people should stop being sheep, and putting so much faith in the opinions of others. if you're unsure rent first!

sarcasm: what are you doing in here anyway? isn't there a killzone thread that needs some fanboy love! bubbles minus..

i'll pick this up eventually. i've still got infinite undiscovery and last remnant sitting under my tv unplayed! on the last disc of lost odyssey, and have just finished the knothole fable many rpgs, not enough time to play them.

kewlkat0073726d ago

Even so, why should one review matter...

Simple I trust a Western review site when it comes to shooters more then a really nobody was going to jump on Haze because of it's Famitsu score. JRPG's might be a different story.

Regardless of Famitsu, this game is and have already been pre-ordered.

White-Sharingan3726d ago

@ Firstkn1ghT- uhh yes it does make sense

Japanese like a different type of games, famitsu liked haze, infinite undiscovery and hated WKC.

I prefer to trust an American with a Japanese review than a Japanese review for a Japanese game.

If I were Japanese then that would be another story...

kazuma3726d ago (Edited 3726d ago )

"So you want to read a western review for a japanese game? Yeah that makes sense dude."

yeah, we must trust the japanese, they also gave 34 to haze!
haze is a GOOD game! (no it's not, in case u didn't notice it)
it's not like they have a different culture and tastes, IF IT'S PERFECT IN JAPAN IT'S PERFECT EVERYWHERE ELSE IN THE WORLD.

oh wait i just noticed something. so star ocean 4 = that isn't good

only morons pay attention to review scores, because they can't decide for themselves what's good and what they want to play.

Hiruma Youchi3726d ago

Graphic whore

did you also wait for the RPGFAN site score of WKS???

let me remind you

70/100 + Famitsu 29/40

WKC = CRAP Confirmed

Only Ps3 people could spin things around and trying to make SO4 look bad just because its 360 exclusive.

Get at me b1tches

NickIni3726d ago

Dear Moderators,

I am writing to you regarding the ridiculous amount of fanboy comments in the Gamer Zone, and nothing what so ever is done. Please can something be done about this? I suggest adding a "Inappropriate for Zone" option under the report button.

Yours Sincerely


Anyway. WKC sure went down extremely well for a "crap" game.

NinjaRyu3726d ago

"they also gave 34 to haze! " Well they also gave a 34 to Valkyria Chronicles & a 33 to Resistance 2 I guess that mean I guess we can't trust those reviews as well!


oh wait i just noticed something. so star ocean 4 = that isn't good" I guess by your"

Really? If you think that I guess that means Valkyria Chronicles= Haze

I can't wait to see famitsu give another PS3 game a good score just to see all the peoole that didn't trust famitsu all all of a sudden act like famitsu reviews are the only ones that matter in japan!

FF7numbaone3726d ago (Edited 3726d ago )

Got to go with GW on this one. You might be upset because of SO4 is a 360 exclusive but can you tell me what Fam gave the other jrpgs for 360?

Then Give me what the western reviewers rate them. Honestly Its hard to argue with some who does trust Fam. I'm still upset I bought haze( sold it back for a profit :) only find out ign vs fam scores, lol.

kazuma3726d ago (Edited 3726d ago )

"Well they also gave a 34 to Valkyria Chronicles & a 33 to Resistance 2 I guess that mean I guess we can't trust those reviews as well!"

yeah, we can't. want to know why not? because we're living outside of japan. you're accepting reviews made by people who were educated in a whole different culture and worship rpg's as the best genre ever made.
i'll give you an example. famitsu gave 38/40 to last remnant (yeah that's right 38/40 that piece of sh*t rpg).
meanwhile the exact same game got released in america and europe, where it received not so hot reviews:
1UP 25
IGN 53
Gamespot 65

oh and btw the metascore of that game is 65 with 45 reviews. so basically the allmighty famitsu (situated in japan, don't forget that) gave 38 out of 40 to last remnant. that's like almost perfect. perfect things are perfect around the world are they not? oh wait, i guess western folks actually looked at that game and saw through the pile of crap it actually was.
do you want more examples? i can give you more lol

"Really? If you think that I guess that means Valkyria Chronicles= Haze

I can't wait to see famitsu give another PS3 game a good score just to see all the peoole that didn't trust famitsu all all of a sudden act like famitsu reviews are the only ones that matter in japan!"

ya know, i was actually showing you guys how delusional you really are. as i said before, haze and last remnant come to mind. both almost perfect according to famitsu, literally flopped sales and review wise outside of japan. different cultures have different tastes. famitsu doesn't publish their review scores for american gamers or european gamers. they publish their scores IN japan FOR japanese gamers.
i mean, it's not like famitsu gave 40/40 to nintendogs. OH WAIT THEY DID? but outside of japan they thought it was kinda meh...(metascore of 83 btw).
you guys seem a little edgy, i didn't even say the game was weak or anything and there you go attacking people and making assumptions that everyone's a ps3 fanboy...

so yeah, you can actually read the famitsu review and accept their score. proof that it actually is a good game? not really, and i'll give you more proof about that.

1 428: Fuusa Sareta Shibuya de Wii Sega 40
2 The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker NGC Nintendo 40
3 The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time N64 Nintendo 40
4 Vagrant Story PS1 SquareSoft 40
5 Soul Calibur DC Namco 40
6 Metal Gear Solid 4 PS3 Konami 40
7 Super Smash Bros. Brawl Wii Nintendo 40
8 Final Fantasy XII PS2 Square Enix 40
9 Nintendogs NDS Nintendo 40

yeah, i'm pretty sure nintendogs and super smash bros are what everyone calls perfect games.
get over it, reviews are made by individuals who were formed in a certain society and have different tastes. 1 review alone or 100 reviews altogether cannot say that a game is perfect or the best game ever made. that decision is made by the people who actually play the games and judge them themselves. ya know, consumers. there are lots of bad games (according to reviews) that sell a lot and there are lots of "perfect" games that don't sell that much.

No Way3726d ago

You spend waaaaaaay to much time on here, trying to prove a point, bro.. Damn. aha.

And, I actually rather liked The Last Remnant.

LethalToxins3725d ago

I think you'd get your point across better if you didn't insult people. Acting like a jerk kind of kills your credibility.

RememberThe3573725d ago

So it's not great but they liked it. If your into JRPGs I'm sure you'll like it as well.

On the topic of Famitsu; I don't trust them at all anymore. Some times it seems like their reviews are right on point, and other times it seems like they are way off. Their just too inconsistent with my taste.

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Danja3726d ago

hmm well not bad but lets see how the reviews on the west will shape up.....

king dong3726d ago

is this confirmed for the ps3 yet?

Danja3726d ago

I said i'll wait to see how the reviews look from other reviewers outside of Japan..

They gave The Last Remnant a 38/40 and the game got thrashed by everyone i'll just wait to see a few more reviewers about this game..

im a huge SO fan...and I was planning on playing this on the 360 ne ways....

No Way3726d ago

I thought The Last Remnant was rather good.. I didn't even know about the reviews, though. But, glad I didn't.. Have you tried the game?

Danja3726d ago

No I didn't play the game , I was never interested in it from day one..

was just saying Famitsu has some really eyebrow raising scores ...and I will just wait to see wat other reviewers think of the game SO4..

Jazz41083726d ago

Wait a couple years for sony to throw some money at haze2 so it can be just like killzone2.

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urban bohemian3726d ago

But never managed to finish any of the games! Hopefully this one will be different. Looking forward to reading a full review (I don't speak Japanese!)